March 7, 2017 Bayview Newsletter

 The 37th annual Black Cuisine Festival, held on Saturday, 3/4/17, was a huge success (despite the rain)! Photo Credit: Jon Casey


At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 03/03/17 – 03/6/17

Arrests:  Felony: 10 * Misdemeanor: 8 * Citations: 97


 Homicide Attempt Arrest – 1000 block Bowdoin 03/02/17, 1:00 am

On February 26th at 1:00 am, Officers responded to an assault that occurred inside of a home on the 1000 block of Bowdoin. They met with the two male victims, ages 35 and 43 who lived in the residence. The officers learned that one of the victims answered the front door after hearing a knock. Two suspects forced their way inside. One of them was armed with a handgun which he used to pistol whip the victim. The victim ran down his hallway as he called to his roommate for help as the suspects chased him and fired a round at him. When the second victim came out of his bedroom to see what was going on, the two suspects, on seeing him, turned and fled the home.

The Gang Task Force took over the investigation and was able to identify the suspects involved. Both suspects were located and taken into custody on March 2nd. (SFPD Case No. 170161778)


 Aggravated Assault – 200 block Napoleon – 03/05/17, 6:00 pm

A 55 year old victim was in a car with an acquaintance when the two began to argue. The suspect got a crowbar from the back seat and struck the victim with it. She got out of the car and the suspect chased her around the vehicle with the crowbar until a motorist stopped to intervene. The suspect then drove from the scene. This incident is under investigation. SFPD Case No. 170184338)


 Auto Burglary Arrest– 23rd / Kansas – 03/05/17, 6:15 pm

Officers responded to a call of a suspect rummaging through a parked vehicle. They found the car with the broken window and the suspect still inside. The owner of the vehicle was located and reported the items that had been taken from the car. The items were recovered in the suspect’s possession. He was booked on auto burglary charges. (SFPD Case No. 17018463)


 Auto Theft, Stolen Property Arrest – Bridgeview / South – 03/6/17, 7:30 am

Officers on patrol in a car equipped with license plate reading technology were alerted to a vehicle on the roadway that had been reported as stolen. The suspect driving the stolen vehicle attempted to pull quickly into a parking garage. The officers arrested the suspect as he exited the vehicle. A search of his person revealed personal property that belonged to other people, who when notified, reported the items as having been stolen. The suspect was booked on auto theft and possession of stolen property charges.  (SFPD Case No. 170185574)



03/03/17 – unit block Mendell– commercial – cash box stolen

03/05/17 – 217 block Harbor– residence – hot prowl

03/05/17 – 2600 block San Bruno– commercial – money stolen

03/06/17 – 1700 block Egbert– commercial – bikes stolen

 Auto Boosts:

03/02/17 – Illinois / 23rd – laptop stolen

03/02/17 – Illinois / 22nd – laptop stolen

03/02/17 – 3rd / 23rd – laptop stolen

03/02/17 – Illinois / Humbolt – laptop stolen

03/02/17 – 800 block Goettingen – cash stolen

03/02/17 – Quesada / Silver – backpack stolen

03/02/17 – Toland / McKinnon – cash stolen

03/03/17 – Illinois / 22nd – laptop stolen

03/03/17 – Revere / 3rd – cell phone stolen

03/03/17 – 5100 block 3rd – backpack stolen

03/03/17 – 2300 block Cesar Chavez – power tools stolen

03/04/17 – Illinois / 22nd – laptop stolen

03/04/17 – 500 block Rhode Island – iPhone stolen

03/05/17 – 2200 block Silver – stroller, car seats stolen

03/05/17 – 3000 block San Bruno – purse stolen

03/05/17 – Holyoke / Felton – glasses stolen

Auto Thefts:

3/3/17- 600 block Jamestown – ’02 red Lexus is300

3/3/17- 100 block Venus – ’14 red Kia Forte

3/4/17- 3000 block Jennings– ’94 black Honda Civic

3/5/17- 3000 block San Bruno– ’05 beige GMC Yukon