February 19, 21017 – Bayview Police Station Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 02/13/17 – 02/19/17

Arrests:  Felony: 15 * Misdemeanor: 7 * Citations: 174

Robbery – 3rd St/Fairfax Ave – 02/13/17, 11:20 am

The victim and suspect got into a road rage incident where the suspects’ car cut in front of the victims car. While both vehicles were stopped, the suspect exited his vehicle, opened the victims door and stole the victims dash camera and took $700 from the victims pocket before fleeing northbound on 3rd St. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170124964)


Firearm Arrest – Hudson CT/Ingalls St – 02/13/17, 04:55 pm

Officers observed a parked car with marijuana smoke emanating from inside the car. Officers initiated an investigative stop and detained the vehicles occupants. Officers searched the vehicle and found marijuana, a loaded gun, and bullet casings. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for firearm possession. (SFPD Case No. 170126023)


Attempted Murder – Donahue St/Jerrold Ave – 02/13/17, 08:54 pm

The victim’s vehicle was followed out of double rock by the suspects’ vehicle. The suspect shot at and chased the victim’s vehicle. The victim’s vehicle crashed and the suspect drove by and shot one of the victims in the head and another victim in the leg/foot before driving off in an unknown direction. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170126766)


Battery – 300 block of Bridgeview Dr – 02/16/17, 12:10 pm

The 56 year old victim was unloading items from his parked car into his house. While the victim was transporting items to his house, the victim’s brother observed the suspect trying to steal the car. The victim’s brother confronted the suspect. The suspect punched the victim’s brother in the face, and threw an object at the car breaking the window before fleeing southbound on Bridgeview Dr. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170134173)


Warrant Arrest – Oakdale Ave/Bayshore Blvd – 02/16/17, 06:55 pm

Officers observed a vehicle driving with a headlight not working properly. The Officers pulled over the car. A records check revealed that the driver had an expired license and several outstanding warrants. The suspect was arrested for the outstanding warrants and his vehicle was towed. (SFPD Case No. 170135228)


Robbery w/Gun – 2300 block of San Bruno Ave – 02/16/17, 9:41 pm

The 31 year old victim was pumping gas at the gas station when he was approached by the suspect who put a gun to the victims neck and stated, “Give me your money, don’t move.” A second suspect approached the victim, stole his wallet, and pushed the victim in the back. Both suspects fled in an unknown direction. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170135585)


Robbery – Bacon St/San Bruno Ave – 02/16/17, 01:12 pm

The 37 year old victim was walking down the street talking on her phone when the suspect approached her from behind, grabbed the victim’s phone, and ran eastbound on Bacon St. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170134264)


Attempted Rape – Unit block of Westbrook CT – 02/17/17, 07:00 pm

The victim was entering her home when the suspect forced her inside the house and attempted to rape her. Fortunately, the victim was able to fight off the suspect who fled the scene. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170142881)


Robbery w/Gun – 1300 block of Underwood Ave – 02/17/17 08:51 pm

The three victims were working in a warehouse when two suspects ran inside with guns out, ordered the victims to get on the ground, and robbed the victims of their wallet, cash, and iPhone before fleeing the scene. The victims were unharmed. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170138614)


Firearm Discharge – 1500 block of La Salle Ave 02/17/17, 05:17 pm

Officers responded to a shotspotter activation. Officers on the scene located bullet hole damage to several cars and residences. Officers collected numerous spent bullet casings. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170138078)


Aggravated Assault – 1600 block of McKinnon Ave – 02/17/17, 09:50 pm

The 35 year old victim showed up at SFGH with gunshot wounds to his chest and arm. The victim stated that he was sitting in his car when the masked suspect approached his car, shot the victim, and fled the scene. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170136555)


Found Property – 4800 block of 3rd St 02/18/17, 01:20 pm

An anonymous citizen flagged down Officers and informed them of a group of people hanging out on the corner who might have a gun. Officers approached the group and the group quickly fled the scene. Upon searching the area, Officers found a plastic bag with a gun in it. Officers seized the gun and booked it for safekeeping at Bayview Station. (SFPD Case No. 170140330)


Robbery – Silliman St/Holyoke St 02/18/17, 06:30 pm

The 46 year old victim parked his car and was talking on the phone while he walked home when he felt a hard object strike him in the head causing him to fall to the floor. The victim then felt two suspects kick him all over his body. While on the victim was on the ground, the suspects stole the victim’s wallet and cellphone before fleeing eastbound on Silliman St. The victim transported himself to SFGH where he reported the incident to the police. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries to his head, neck, back, and legs. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170141695)


Attempted Murder – Hawes St/Gilman Ave 02/18/17, 06:30 pm

The 32 year old victim was sitting in his car when the suspect drove by and fired multiple shots into the victim’s car striking the victim in the stomach and leg. The victim transported himself to SFGH where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Officers at the scene located numerous fired casings. This case is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170141695)


Warrant Arrest – 25th St/Iowa St 02/19/17, 10:20 am

While on patrol, Officers saw the two suspects whom the recognized from previous encounters. A records check revealed that both suspects had outstanding warrants. The suspects were arrested for their outstanding warrants. (SFPD Case No. 170142756)



02/13/17 – 2200 block of 23rd St – residence – property damage

02/17/17 – 4900 block of 3rd St – store – cell phones/ATM machine

02/18/17 – 600 block of Missouri St – residence – construction equipment/bicycle

02/18/17 – 300 block of Bayshore Blvd – store – us currency

02/18/17 – 100 block of Quint St – business – locks

02/19/17 – 700 block of Kansas St – residence – clothing

Auto Boosts:

02/14/17 – 900 block of Tennessee St – suit cases/cell phone/jewelry

02/14/17 – 1200 block of Palou Ave – cash/credit cards

02/14/17 – 700 block of Kansas St – car battery

02/15/17 – Illinois St/20th St – property damage

02/15/17 – 23rd St/Illinois St – electronic equipment

02/15/17 – 1300 block of Silver Ave – cell phone

02/15/17 – 1100 block of Key Ave – electronic equipment

02/15/17 – 19th St/Texas St – briefcase/electronic equipment

02/15/17 – Unit block of Dakota St – gym bag/electronic equipment

02/16/17 – 2300 block of 16th St – electronic equipment

02/16/17 – 300 block of Alabama St – electronic equipment/Ski equipment

02/16/17 – Meade Ave/Jennings CT – us currency/music cd’s

02/17/17 – 850 block of Jamestown Ave – property damage

02/17/17 – San Bruno Ave/Bacon St – bag/electronic equipment

02/19/17 – 2900 block of Hawes St – purse

Auto Thefts:

02/13/17 – 1100 block of Griffith St – ’16 Gray Jeep Compass

02/14/17 – 400 block of Bayshore Blvd– ’14 White Chevy Silverado Pick Up

02/14/17 – 1400 block of Innes Ave – ’96 Green Honda Civic

02/15/17 – 1000 block of Marin St – ’97 Gold Toyota Camry

02/15/17 – Hester Ave/Lois Lane – ’13 White Jeep Cherokee

02/17/17 – 500 block of Shelby St – ’95 Beige Honda Civic

02/18/17 – Arleta Ave/Alpha St – ’03 Gray Dodge Neon

02/19/17 – 19th St/Illinois St – ’90 Blue Honda Civic

02/19/17 – Ingalls St/Yosemite Ave – ’98 Green Honda Civic

02/19/17 – 2200 block of Ingalls St – ’03 Yellow Toyota TT Truck