January 9, 2017 – Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 01/01/17 – 01/07/17

Arrests:  Felony: 12 * Misdemeanor: 2 * Citations: 120

Firearm Discharge – Unit block of Garlington Ct – 01/01/16, 12:45 pm

Officers respond to a shotspotter activation with seven shots fired. Upon arrival, Officers discovered 7 bullet casings. Officers on scene searched the area for bullet holes, damage, victims, and suspects with negative results. This case is still under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170000110)


Armed Robbery – Gillette Ave/Lathrop Ave – 01/02/17, 2:53 pm

The 18 and 22 year old victims were sitting in a parked car when they were approached by the suspect. The suspect pointed a gun at the victims and said “I’ll shoot you if you move”. The suspect proceeded to pistol whipped one of the victims, robbed the victims of their belongings, and fled the scene in a vehicle. The victims called 911 and providing a description of both the suspect and suspect vehicle. Responding Officers searched the area and located the suspect vehicle. The passengers were detained and the vehicle was searched where Officers found some of the stolen items. The passengers were detained and brought back to Bayview Station for further investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170004253)


Firearm Arrest – 1500 block of Custer Ave – 01/02/17, 08:46 pm

Officers responded to the 1500 block of Custer Ave regarding a stolen RV. Officers knocked on the door and made contact with the two suspects. The suspects were removed from the vehicle and detained while the vehicle was searched. The search of the vehicle resulted in the recovery of a gun and drugs.  Both suspects were arrested for firearm and drug charges, and for possession of a stolen vehicle. (SFPD Case No. 170005251)


Firearm Arrest – 100 block of Kiska Ave – 01/03/17, 01:48 pm

Officers received information that a wanted suspect was driving a vehicle in possession of a firearm. While driving in the area of Kiska Rd and Dormitory Rd, Officers located and stopped the suspect vehicle. Officers conducted a parole search and located a gun. The suspect was arrested for possession of firearm by a prohibited person and the firearm was booked at Bayview Station. (SFPD Case No. 170006403)


Aggravated Assault w/Gun – 1900 block of Oakdale Ave – 01/04/17, 06:23 pm

The 24 year old victim was pistol whipped by the suspect in the face numerous times. The victim fled to a neighbor’s house to call 911. Upon arrival, Officers responded to scene and called for an ambulance for the victim. The victim provided a statement and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Officers went to the address of the incident, arrested the suspect, and seized the firearm. The suspect was arrested for numerous charges. (SFPD Case No. 170010307)


Found Property – 1500 block of Silver Ave – 01/05/17, 10:15 am

A citizen approached Officers on the street and told the Officers that he found numerous unfired bullets at his job site. Officers took possession of the bullets and booked them for safekeeping at Bayview Station.

(SFPD Case No. 170011703)


Robbery w/Kinfe – 1000 block of Potrero Ave – 01/05/17, 11:20 pm

The 22 year old victim was walking down the street when he was approached by two suspects. One of the suspects told the victim “Give me your money” and punched him in the face. A second suspect punched the victim in the back of the head, grabbed him, and stabbed him in the arm twice. The second suspect stole the victims backpack. Both suspects fled on Revere St towards 3rd St. The victim was driven was driven to SFGH for treatment by a “Good Samaritan”. At the scene, a witness told Officers that they saw the suspect’s drop the knife. Officer located the knife, which was later seized as evidence and booked at Bayview Station. This case is still under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 170014274)


Robbery – 3rd St/LaSalle Ave – 01/06/17, 06:30 am

The 32 year old victim left her relatives residences and was walking down the street when approached from behind by the suspect who said to her “Give me all your stuff in your purse, I have a gun”. The victim gave the suspect her purse and the suspect ran to a waiting car and fled down 3rd St. This case is still under investigation.

(SFPD Case No. 170014575)


 Robbery – Silver Ave/Dartmouth St – 01/06/17, 04:50 pm

The 55 year old victim was ridding the 44 Muni bus sitting in the front of the bus. The victim stated that there were 7-12 juveniles on the back of the bus playing loud music and the victim asked them to turn the music down. The suspect got into an argument with several of the juveniles.  The victim asked the Muni driver for help and to call the police but, according to the victim, the Muni driver did not help. The victim exited the bus and was followed by the group of juveniles. The group of juveniles surrounded the victim, pushed her to the ground and stole her wallet. The group of juveniles fled westbound on Silver Ave. The victim followed the group of juveniles and demanded that they give her the wallet back. The victim stated that one of the suspects placed her in a headlock, threw her to the ground, and spit on her face. A witness stated that two of the suspects fled to Palega recreation center. This case is still under investigation.

(SFPD Case No. 170016010)



01/03/17 – 2700 block of San Bruno Ave – misc. building – cash register

01/03/17 – 500 block of Rhode Island St – misc. building – construction equipment

01/03/17 – 2500 block of San Bruno Ave – apartment – property damage

01/04/17 – 400 Bayshore Blvd – store – batteries, air freshener, flashlight

01/06/17 – 1400 block of Evans Ave – warehouse – property damage

Auto Boosts:

01/03/17 – 400 block of Texas St – clothing, medication

01/04/17 – 23rd St/Illinois St – electronic equipment

01/05/17 – 20th St/3rd St – electronic equipment

01/05/17 – 22nd St/Illinois St – electronic equipment

01/06/17 – La Salle Ave/Osceola Ln – watch

Auto Thefts:

01/02/17 – 1100 block of Revere Ave – ’12 White Truck

01/02/17 – 1200 block of Sunnydale Ave – ’97 Dark Green Honda Accord

01/03/17 – 1100 block of Revere Ave – ’92 Blue ZZ Go-4 Interceptor Motorcycle

01/03/17 – 1400 block of Innes Ave – ’93 Brown Toyota Corolla

01/04/17 – Bayshore Blvd/Quint St – ’14 Black Mercedes GLK250

01/04/17 – Phelps St/Newcomb Ave – ’94 Gold Jeep Cherokee

01/05/17 – 600 block of Wisconsin St – ’95 Gray Honda Odyssey

01/05/17 – 100 block of Arleta Ave – ’96 Gold Nissan Maxima

01/06/17 – 1100 block of Revere Ave – ’90 White Toyota Truck

01/06/17 – Bacon St/Cambridge St – ’15 Blue Subaru WRX

01/06/17 – 1700 block of Oakdale Ave – ’96 White Jeep XJ

01/07/17 – 1700 block of Yosemite Ave – ’90 Blue Chevy Geo Prizm

01/07/17 – Unit block of Vesta St – ’98 Green Toyota Sienna