October 21, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 10/14/16 – 10/20/16

Arrests:  Felony: 21 * Misdemeanor: 3 * Citations: 214


Dog Attack Arrest– 700 block Earl – 10/13/16, 9:39 am

Officers responded to a call of a dog attack where several dogs mauled a chicken to the point that it had to be put down and attacked a pet sheep. The owners of the livestock heard a commotion out in his yard and came out to find his chickens scampering in a flurry and two dogs with their jaws attached to the face of the baying sheep. He was able to scare the dogs away with a stick and they scampered away. The sheep had sustained numerous bite injuries as well as one chicken that had to be destroyed to prevent further suffering. The owner of the dogs was located and cited for fort numerous leash law, license, and other dog related offenses. The dogs were also located and seized by ACC pending a vicious dog hearing. (SFPD Case No. 160834292)


 Auto Theft Arrest– 100 block Industrial – 10/14/16, 9:30 am

Officers responded to a call of an auto burglary in progress and met with the victims. They had been working in a warehouse when they heard the sound of their car alarm and went to investigate. A suspect was inside their car, rifling through it. One of the victims attempted to get the suspect out of the vehicle but the suspect locked himself inside. The officers were able to coax him out and place him under arrest. An envelope full of cash, which the suspect had stolen from inside of the car, was found in his possession. The suspect was booked on auto burglary charges as well as for an outstanding no bail warrant for his arrest. (SFPD Case No. 160837440)


 Auto Burglary Arrest – 200 block Jennings – 10/14/16, 1:05 pm

A construction worker parked his car outside of a construction supply store and went inside to conduct some business. On returning, he noticed an expensive pipe camera had been stolen from the bed of his truck. He called the police and officers came out to investigate. After review of surveillance cameras at the place of business, they were able to determine that a suspect, in another truck, also came to the construction supply store. He briefly went in and out. He then is seen in the footage approaching the victim’s truck, removing the camera, and placing it into his own truck. Employees of the construction supply store helped identify the thief as an employee of another local construction company. The officers responded to his place of business where he was arrested and booked on grand theft charges.  (SFPD Case No. 160838545)


 Firearm, Narcotics Arrest – 1500 block Oakdale – 10/14/16, 1:50 pm

After a tip led officers to conduct an investigation into a local drug dealer believed to be in possession of a firearm, officers were able to locate the suspect parked near a school that he often frequented. The detained the subject and conducted a search of his person, revealing several bags of crack cocaine. This led to a judge granting a search warrant for the suspect’s home, on the 1000 block of Fairafax, which was conducted the same day. The officers found additional crack cocaine, a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, and ammunition inside the home. The suspect was booked on numerous narcotics and weapons violation charges. (SFPD Case No. 160838250)


Robbery –Olmstead / Girard– 10/15/16, 3:12 am

A 38 year old victim was asleep in his parked car and awoke to a suspect opening his passenger side door and reaching for the cell phone which was sitting on the dash. The victim screamed at which point the suspect struck him in the face and fled the scene on foot with the stolen phone. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160839816)


 Aggravated Assault Arrest– 1100 block Oakdale – 10/15/16, 11:15 am

A 47 year old victim had just come home and was in the process of opening his front door when a suspect walked up to him and stood inches behind him. He turned around and told her she could not do that to which she replied that she could. The victim noticed that the suspect was holding a sledgehammer in her hand. He expedited opening his front door and ran inside attempting to slam it behind him, but the suspect was able to get a toe hold in the frame and followed him inside where she proceeded to swing the sledgehammer at him. The weapon grazed the victim in the head and he down. He grabbed the suspect and they struggled until she produced a knife and threatened to stab him with it. She then fled through the front door. Officers located the suspect nearby. She had the sledgehammer in her possession and was positively identified. She was arrested and booked on aggravated assault and hot prowl burglary charges.  (SFPD Case No. 160839424)


 Firearm Arrest – unit block Cameron – 10/16/16, 8:48 am

Officers responded to a call of a suspect armed with a handgun. They met with the reporting party who told them that she had argued with the suspect and noticed the butt of a pistol in his pocket when he left her. The suspect’s identifying information and the description of his vehicle was provided to the officers who searched the area and located him. He was detained without incident and the loaded semi-automatic pistol was found inside the car. He was booked on weapons related charges. (SFPD Case No. 160842825)


Aggravated Assault –1400 block Palou – 10/17/16, 9:38 pm

Officers responded to a call of shots fired and located a 19 year old victim who had been grazed in the face by some shrapnel. He told the officers that he and a friend had been standing outside of a church in the area when a suspect walked up, pulled out a revolver and fired several shots at them. Neither of the victims were hit by the rounds and the suspect fled on foot. The officers secured the scene and collected all evidence. This incident is under investigation.    (SFPD Case No. 160847518)


 Hot Prowl Burglary– 1900 block Silver – 10/18/16, 11:30 pm

A 32 year old victim had left her home and got into her vehicle which was parked directly outside. She noticed that the car parked in front of her contained several suspicious looking subjects, who kept looking back at her in a confused manner. The then looked up at her front door and saw a suspect between the front door and entry gate. She immediately realized that the suspect had no time to get to that location since she came out of the house, and must have been inside the house with her as she left through her garage door. When the suspect t at her door saw her, he let out an expletive and ran to the car containing the other suspects. The suspect drove from the scene. The victim attempted to follow them but lost them in the area. The officers later located the car, Parked and unattended on the 1900 block of Silver. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 160848914)


 Robbery –1400 block Quesada– 10/19/16, 7:00 pm

A 50 year old victim was sitting in her parked car when a burgundy Mercedes SUV pulled up beside her and a suspect got out. The suspect walked over to the victim, opened her car door, and demanded her money. The suspect then punched the victim several times until the victim’s pocketbook fell to the ground. The suspect grabbed the wallet and ran back into the waiting SUV, which drove from the scene. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 160853208)


Aggravated Assault on Officer Arrest –Quesada / Griffith – 10/20/16, 12:00 pm

An officer was assisting DPW in pointing out a blighted area that contained a large amount of refuse from a homeless encampment in the area. The crew was cleaning up the mess when a suspect, known to frequent the area, stated that some of the items were his things. He was allowed to select what he claimed belonged to him. He then took the items, walked them across the street, and promptly tossed them into a ditch before walking away. The officer detained the subject for littering. The suspect became infuriated and combative. He pulled out a box cutter and attempted to slice the officer with it multiple times while the officer fought to contain him and prevent injury. He was finally able to do so with the assistance of the DPW crew. Officers arriving at the scene to assist placed the suspect under arrest. He was booked on aggravated assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest charges. (SFPD Case No. 160854814)



10/13/16 – 1200 block Indiana – residence – bike stolen

10/14/16 – 300 block 20th – warehouse – tools stolen

10/15/16 – 1300 block Rhode Island – residence – bike stolen

10/15/16 – 1200 block Revere – residence – tablet, cell phone stolen

10/18/16 – unit block Dakota – residence – purse, laptop stolen

10/18/16 – 900 block Minnesota – residence – items stolen to be determined

10/18/16 – 500 block Pennsylvania – residence – TV & laptop stolen

Auto Boosts:

10/13/16 – Illinois / 22nd  – tablet stolen

10/13/16 – Executive Park / Candlestick  – paperwork stolen

10/14/16 – 3rd / 18th   – backpack, headphones stolen

10/15/16 – 200 block Bayshore  – baggage stolen

10/15/16 – Texas / Mariposa  – backpack stolen

10/15/16 – Illinois / 20th   – laptops stolen

10/15/16 –Harbor / Ingalls– tools stolen

10/15/16 – Illinois / 22nd   – laptop & backpack stolen

10/15/16 – Illinois / 22nd   – iPad stolen

10/16/16 – 300 block Salinas  – keys stolen

10/16/16 – 1100 block Carolina  – items stolen to be determined

10/16/16 – 200 block Bayshore  – backpack & laptop stolen

10/17/16 – 500 block Yale  – backpack stolen

10/17/16 – Illinois / 22nd   – clothing stolen

10/17/16 – Illinois / 22nd    – laptop stolen

10/19/16 – unit block Arleta    – camera & money stolen

Auto Thefts:

10/14/16 – Armstrong / Ingalls  – ’01 gray VW Passat

10/16/16 – 3300 block San Bruno  – ’98 silver Isuzu Rodeo

10/17/16 – 3rd / McKinnon  – ’95 green Honda Civic

10/17/16 – Salinas /  Exeter – ’00 maroon Ford Focus

10/17/16 – unit block Sierra  – ’13 black Audi A5

10/18/16 – 500 block Pennsylvania  – ’11 blue BMW 320i

10/18/16 – 1100 block DeHaro  – ’98 gray Honda Civic

10/18/16 – 1800 block 25th   – ’00 green Honda Civic

10/19/16 – 500 block Felton  – ’94 green Acura Integra

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