September 30, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 9/20/16 – 9/29/16

Arrests:  Felony: 24 * Misdemeanor: 8 * Citations: 385


Robbery– Griffith / Gilman – 9/20/16, 1:10 pm

A 31 year old victim was walking home after getting off then bus when three suspects approached her. One asked for a dollar and the victim refused and kept walking. She heard footsteps behind her and was suddenly attacked by all three suspects. The suspects knocked her to the ground, removed her backpack and purse from her shoulder, and fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160763704)


Robbery– 3rd / Wallace – 9/20/16, 10:45 pm

A 41 year old victim was walking on the sidewalk when two suspects jumped out from concealment and approached him. One of the suspects grabbed and held the victim while the other struck him and knocked him to the ground. The suspects then rummaged through the victim’s pockets, stealing his wallet and cell phone before fleeing the scene. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160765170)


 Armed Robbery Arrest –unit block Dakota – 9/21/16, 9:40 am

Officers responded to the area in search of a suspect who was identified as one of the suspects wanted in connection with an armed robbery and kidnapping that occurred on August 1st at 3rd and Galvez. They located the suspect and took him into custody without incident. He was found to be in possession of heroin and methamphetamine. The suspect was booked on robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy violations along with narcotics charges. (SFPD Case No. 160618018)


 Robbery – 100 block Kiska – 9/21/16, 2:00 pm

Officers responded to a call of a robbery and met with the 15 year old victim. He told them that as he walked on the sidewalk, he was tripped and fell to the ground. Two suspects jumped on top of him and threatened him with violence if he moved. They then stole his backpack and wallet and ran away. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 1607671110)


 Hot Prowl Burglary Arrest –unit block Littlefield – 9/21/16, 8:00 pm

A resident of a home was in his living room when he heard noises from his bedroom upstairs. He went up to investigate and saw the suspects standing inside the room. On seeing the victim, the suspects fled out of the window, carrying a backpack. The victim began to scream for help and caught the attention of a witness outside who saw the suspect running and reported the general location to the officers. The officers searching for the suspect located him attempting to conceal himself on the ground on the 2100 block of 25th St. he was detained and positively identified by both victim and witness. Items that had been stolen from the residence were located in the suspects backpack. He was booked on hot prowl burglary charges. (SFPD Case No. 160768011)


 Stabbing, Robbery Attempt – Evans / Mendell – 9/22/16, 12:30 am

Officers responded to SFGH regarding a 48 year old victim who had admitted himself after being stabbed in a botched robbery attempt that occurred at Evans and Mendell. He told the officers that he was approached by one of the suspects as he walked along the street. The suspect asked for money and the victim refused. The suspect was joined by an accomplice who demanded money from the victim. Both suspects attacked the victim, and one of them stabbed him in the upper chest during the altercation before both suspects fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160768403)


 Narcotics Arrest –Mendell / 3rd – 9/22/16, 3:00 pm

Officers conducting a narcotics abatement operation in the area observed a narcotics transaction between two subjects from an area of concealment. Both parties were detained. The suspects dealing the drugs had thrown several items down to the ground when the officers approached. The items were recovered and were determined to be baggies methamphetamine. The suspect also had heroin and crack cocaine in his possession. He was cited and released. The buyer was identified, investigated. (SFPD Case No. 160769859)


 Homicide –1700 block Oakdale – 9/24/16, 12:20 am

Officers responded to a call of a shooting and found a 19 year old victim of a gunshot wound in the driveway of a home. Despite first aid efforts by the officers and paramedics, the victim succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at SFGH. The crime scene was preserved along with all evidence. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160774660)


 Narcotics Arrest –3rd / Cesar Chavez – 9/25/16, 9:50 am

Officers stopped a bicyclist for a traffic violation. The suspect had a warrantless search condition which the officers exercised and located methamphetamine in his possession. The suspect was cited for the narcotics and traffic offenses.  (SFPD Case No. 160778214)


 Firearm Arrest –600 block Jamestown – 9/25/16, 7:08 pm

Officers responded to a report of an armed subject shooting a gun in the area and met with a witness who provided a description of the suspect and his vehicle. The officers searched for the suspect and located him in the Candlestick Point Recreation Area. He was getting g into his car when the officers spotted him and was trying to drive away when they stopped him. The loaded .45 caliber pistol was found in his lap as he sat in the car. The suspect was placed under arrest and booked on multiple weapons violations. (SFPD Case No. 160779416)


 Firearm Arrest –Palou / Phelps – 9/26/16, 5:30 pm

Officers in the area heard what sounded like a fight between multiple people on the corner and headed in that direction. As they approached, they saw a car fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed, running a stop sign in the process. The officers felt that the occupants in the vehicle may have been involved in the altercation that had taken place and affected a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver was shirtless and swearing profusely. There was a bottle of Promethazine syrup on the center consul. There was a female passenger in the car and a 2 year old child in the back seat. The car had a distinct odor or burnt marijuana emanating from the passenger compartment. The officers had the occupant step out of the car and searched it for additional drugs. A loaded revolver was found inside the car. The driver was arrested and booked on weapons charges. His passenger was identified and investigated prior to being released from the scene with her child. (SFPD Case No. 160782431)


 Shots Fired –3100 block Ingalls – 9/26/16, 7:40 pm

Officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired in the area and located a 24 year old victim who told them that he had been shot at but not hit, though his car had sustained gunshot damage. The victim would not cooperate with the officers not provide further information regarding the suspect that night. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160782754)


 Recovered Firearm –unit block Dakota – 9/27/16, 11:00 am

Officers conducted a parole search of a suspect’s home who was believed to be armed. Though the suspect was not home, the officers located a .380 caliber pistol in his bedroom which they seized. An arrest warrant is pending. (SFPD Case No. 160784318)


Robbery –Silver / Elmira – 9/27/16, 1:45 pm

A 16 year old victim was walking in the area when a sedan pulled up beside him. A suspect got out of the car and pointed a gun at the victim, demanding his property. Suspect then punched the victim several times before taking his cell phone and wallet. The suspect then got back into the passenger seat of the vehicle which drove from the scene. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 160785140)


 Robbery –1400 block Underwood – 9/27/16, 1:40 pm

A 21 year old victim was walking along the street when a car pulled up beside her that was occupied by three subjects that the victim knew. The three suspects got out of the car and attacked the victim, punching her multiple times in the face. They then stole her purse and fled in their vehicle. All three suspects were identified to the officers. Arrest warrants in this case are pending. (SFPD Case No. 160784960)


 Aggravated Assault Arrest –Bowdoin / Hale – 9/28/16, 6:30 pm

Officers responded to a call of a victim being assaulted in the middle of the street. They located a 39 year old victim lying on the asphalt. He had a bloody nose and a cut to the forehead. He told the officers that he had been jumped by two suspects after they questioned him about wearing the color blue, possibly insinuating a gang affiliation. The suspect descriptions were provided to the officers who searched the area. They located one of the suspects, who was positively identified by several witnesses. He was booked on aggravated assault charges. An investigation into the identity of the second suspect is ongoing. (SFPD Case No. 160789039)


 Armed Robbery –Innes / Griffith – 9/28/16, 8:00 pm

A 19 year old victim and his girlfriend had disembarked a bus and were walking when they became surrounded by several suspects. The victim ordered his girlfriend to run while he stayed to confront the assailants, one of which was armed with a gun. The suspect attacked the victim, striking him several times before stripping his clothes off. The suspects stole his wallet and shoes before running away on foot. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 160789421)


 Armed Robbery –Connecticut / Wisconsin – 9/29/16, 11:00 pm

Officers responded to a call of a robbery and located the 20 year old victim who had been pistol whipped and was bleeding from the head. He told the officers that that he was approached by two suspects, one of which produced a handgun and ordered the victim to surrender his property. The victim told them that he had nothing at which point one of the suspects began going through his pockets while the one with the gun used it to strike the victim in the head. The suspects stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet then fled on foot. The victim was treated for his injuries at SFGH. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 160793187)



9/18/16 – 600 block Amador – commercial –items stolen to be determined

9/20/16 – 1900 block Palou – residence –jewelry stolen

9/20/16 – 1500 block Wallace – commercial –attempt

9/20/16 – 600 block Pennsylvania – residence –bike stolen

9/21/16 – unit block Cashmere – residence –attempt

9/21/16 – 300 block Bayshore – commercial –items stolen to be determined

9/22/16 – 2000 block 19th – residence –laptop stolen

9/22/16 – 1100 block 18th – residence –attempt

9/22/16 – 1400 block 18th – residence –keys stolen

9/23/16 – 600 block Connecticut – residence –backpack stolen

9/23/16 – 2200 block 19th – residence –camera & jewelry stolen

9/24/16 – 800 block Indiana – residence –wallets stolen

9/24/16 – 2200 block 19th – residence –attempt

9/26/16 – 100 block Salinas – residence –money and camera stolen

9/27/16 – 100 block Cambridge – residence –bike stolen

9/28/16 – 200 block Pennsylvania – residence –laptop and Playstation stolen

Auto Boosts:

9/19/16 – 700 block Missouri – purse stolen

9/20/16 – Palou / Newhall – laptop stolen

9/20/16 – 300 block Mississippi – cash stolen

9/21/16 – 2100 block 22nd – cash & jewelry stolen

9/21/16 – 22nd/3rd – laptop stolen

9/22/16 – 300 block 25th – MP3 stolen

9/20/16 – 300 block Mississippi – cash stolen

9/24/16 – 100 block Bacon  – tools stolen

9/25/16 – 18th / Arkansas  – laptop stolen

9/25/16 – 900 block Key – cash stolen

9/26/16 – 1900 block Oakdale  – speakers & amp stolen

9/26/16 – 3rd / 19th  – backpack stolen

9/26/16 – 22nd / Illinois  – computer stolen

9/27/16 – 1500 block McKinnon  – car battery stolen

9/27/16 – 24th / Illinois  – clothing stolen

9/27/16 – 1600 block Quesada  – clothes stolen

9/27/16 – 22nd/Illinois  – laptop stolen

9/27/16 – 22nd/Illinois  – purse stolen

9/28/16 – 5900 block 3rd  –backpack stolen

9/28/16 – 22nd / Illinois  –laptop stolen

9/28/16 – 22nd / Illinois  –laptop stolen

9/28/16 – 800 block Brussels  –iPad stolen

9/29/16 – 22nd / Illinois  –laptop & clothes stolen

Auto Thefts:

9/18/16 – 3rd / Underwood  – ’95 beige Buick Park Ave

9/20/16 – Phelps / McKinnon  – ’15 grey Honda Civic

9/20/16 – 1500 block Innes  – ’08 red Ford Focus

9/22/16 – Newhall / LaSalle  – ’98 green Honda Civic

9/23/16 – 3400 block San Bruno  – ’01 white Ford van

9/23/16 – 3rd / Van Dyke  – ’93 white Nissan truck

9/23/16 – 800 block Indiana  – ’06 blue Toyota Highlander

9/24/16 – 100 block Girard  – ’10 red Chevy Aveo

9/26/16 – 1900 block Evans  – ’03 white Ford van

9/26/16 – 2000 block Oakdale  – ’00 green Chrysler Neon

9/27/16 – 1200 block Thomas  – ’95 blue Honda Civic

9/27/16 – Dakota / 25th  – ’02 blue Chevy Tahoe

9/28/16 – 1000 block DeHaro  – ’16 silver Toyota Rav4


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