August 26, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 8/18/16 – 8/25/16

Arrests: Felony: 14 * Misdemeanor: 26 * Citations: 29


Robbery – 1500 block Revere – 8/18/16, 8:41 am

A 33 year old victim was walking home when a suspect ran past her and in doing so, forcibly grabbed her iPhone from her hand. The phone fell from his hands as the suspect ran and the victim was able to recover it. She fluffed down a patrol car to report the incident, which is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160666829)


Aggravated Assault– Van Dyke / Ingalls – 8/19/16, 1:15 am

A 55 year old victim was walking to his daughter’s camper, which had been parked on the street when he was suddenly attacked by three suspects. The suspects punched and kicked him and at one point, struck him several times in the head with a metal object before fleeing on foot. The victim lost consciousness and suffered multiple lacerations. He was transported to SFGH where he was treated for his injuries. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160669403)


Armed Robbery – 1400 block Quesada – 8/20/16, 2:00 am

Two victims, ages 22 and 24, were walking home when they were approached by two suspects. One of the suspects brandished a handgun at the pair and ordered then to sit down as the second suspect went through their pockets, stealing their cell phones and keys. The suspects then fled on foot. Thos incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160672412)


Armed Robbery – Ingalls / Quesada – 8/20/16, 2:05 am

A 48 year old victim was walking home when two suspects approached him. One pointed a pistol at him and ordered him to surrender his property as the second suspect rummaged through his pockets, removing his valuables. The suspect with the gun asked the victim where he lived. The victim pointed to the home and the suspect walked him to the residence where he told the victim to sit on the stairs and throw his house keys to the ground. The victim complied at which point the suspects fled on foot. After several minutes, the victim retrieved his keys and entered his home where he notified the police. Thos incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160672406)


Stabbing, Robbery Attempt – Ingalls / Northridge – 8/20/16, 3:30 am

A 66 year old victim was walking home after getting off the bus when two suspects walked up to him. One of then ordered the victim to give up his money as the second suspect made a motion as if to strike the victim. The victim attempted to dodge the blow, which landed on his chest instead of his face. Both suspects then took off running without stealing anything. As the victim continued home, he decidedly felt worse and removed his jacket to find a stab wound where the suspect had struck him. The victim was transported to SFGH where he was treated for his injury. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160672490)


Robbery – 300 block Texas – 8/20/16, 6:35 pm

A 25 year old victim was taking photographs in the area with some friends. As he stood in the street with his camera hanging over his shoulder by a strap, a brown car turned the corner and slowly drove by. The passenger of the car reached out the window, grabbed the camera, and yanked it off the victim’s shoulder without ever getting out of the vehicle. The suspects then drove from the scene. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160674220)


Auto Boost Arrest – 600 block Felton – 8/21/16, 8:30 am

Officers responded to the 100 block of Hamilton on a call of an auto boost suspect from an incident that had occurred on August 20th. The suspect had been last seen riding away on a bike and was located on the 600 block of Felton, where he was detained. The officer who had reviewed surveillance footage from the original burglary responded to the scene and positively identified the suspect who was then placed under arrest. He was booked on several counts of auto burglary. (SFPD Case No. 160672729)


Armed Robbery – Revere / Griffith – 8/21/16, 4:00 pm

A 27 year old victim was in the area filming some friends as they skateboarded. He took a seat on the curb to rest as a white coupe pulled up. The passenger of the car pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his camera. The victim, in fear for his life, handed over the video camera at which point the suspect also demanded the victim’s backpack. When the victim handed it over, the vehicle drove off. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160676646)


Auto Burglary Attempt – 2300 block Ingalls – 8/21/16, 8:35 pm

A 42 year old victim was standing in front of his home when he watched a van come down the street and stop. The passenger of the van got out and walked up to a parked car which the victim recognized as belonging to his uncle. The victim intervened after he watched the suspect attempt to gain entry into the parked vehicle. As he confronted the suspect, the driver of the van got out and brandished a gun at the victim. The suspect who had been trying to break into the parked car then got back into the van along with the driver and both subjects drove away. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160677393)


Robbery – Vermont / Mariposa – 8/22/16, 3:30 am

A 33 year old victim was walking to a friend’s house when three suspects approached her on foot. All three attacked her, pulling her hair, punching and kicking her, and finally yanking her bag from over her shoulder. The suspects then fled on foot. The victim was treated at the scene by medics. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160677995)


Firearm Arrest – 900 block Connecticut – 8/22/16, 8:32 pm

Officers patrolling the Potrero Hill Housing Development spotted a group of subjects loitering on the corner and approached them. One of the subjects broke away from the others and walked off past a set of garbage cans. One of the officers caught up to him and detained him. On looking into the trash can that the suspect brushed past, the officer located a .40 caliber semi automatic handgun loaded with an extended round magazine directly on top of the pile. The suspect, a probationer believed to have ditched the gun in the can, was arrested and booked on the weapon as well as probation violation charges. (SFPD Case No. 160680374)


Burglary Arrest – McKinnon / 3rd – 8/23/16, 2:46 am

Officers patrolling the area had spotted a subject who was identified as the prime suspect in an August 11th warehouse burglary through an investigation into the crime. The inspector assigned to the case had issued a warrant for his arrest and the officers took the suspect into custody without incident. He was booked on burglary charges.  (SFPD Case No. 160650816)


Robbery – Ingalls / Fitzgerald – 8/24/16, 1:35 pm

A 39 year old victim was driving his car when he had a minor collision with another vehicle at the intersection. The victim continued driving because he did not have his insurance information with him. The passenger of the other vehicle was following behind him when a third car suddenly cut him off and boxed him in. Two suspects got out of the car. One of them approached the victim on the driver’s side, reached in, and punched the victim several times. The other suspect opened the victim’s passenger door and stole his cell phone from the passenger seat. Both suspects then got back into their respective vehicle and drove from the scene. The driver that had been following the victim had witnessed the altercation and provided a statement to the officers. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160685653)


Robbery – San Bruno / Bacon – 8/24/16, 8:45 pm

Officers were flagged down on the 2500 block of San Bruno by a 23 year old victim who told them that he had just been robbed. The victim stated that he was on a MUNI bus when he ran into three subjects that he knew from grammar school. The subjects, all related, according to the victim, had stolen his backpack and then threatened to stab him if he did not get off the bus. The victim complied out of fear. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160687110)


Armed Robbery Arrest– 1600 block Jerrold – 8/25/16, 10:13 pm

Plainclothes officers patrolling in the area had their attention drawn to two subjects who were walking towards a bus stop at the corner near the rear of a “KFC” restaurant. The subjects were wearing dark clothing and had face masks. The officers took a position of concealment and continued to watch the subjects as they sat at the stop and looked intently at the rear door of the restaurant. As closing time approached, the officers watched as both suspects got up and walked to the back door, which was slightly ajar. One of the suspects peaked in then opened the door wide at which point the second suspect ran in. The officers, believing that a robbery was likely occurring, called for additional units and surrounded the building. The two suspects shortly emerged from the rear door and ran into the officers. One of the subjects had been carrying a KFC bucket which he threw to the ground as he surrendered. The bucket was full of cash. The second suspect fled on foot. Other officers caught up with him and detained him. Through their investigation, the officers were able to determine that the suspects had entered the facility with a firearm. They physically assaulted the manager and stole the money from the back office. A third accomplice, who was seen on surveillance footage creating a distracting disturbance in the front of the establishment directly before and during the robbery, was also arrested. The firearm that was used in the commission of the robbery, a .38 special, was located in the back lot of the restaurant where one of the suspects had thrown it as he attempted to flee. All three suspects were booked on armed robbery, burglary, conspiracy and other related charges. (SFPD Case No. 160690163)



8/18/16 – 4900 block 3rd – commercial – electrical wiring, tools stolen

8/19/16 – Gilman / Griffith – park – solar panel & battery stolen

8/20/16 – 1100 block Wisconsin – residence – TV & bike stolen

8/23/16 – 300 block Mansell – residence – attempt

8/23/16 – 800 block Girard – residence – money & game system stolen

8/24/16 – 200 block Nueva – residence – attempt


Auto Boosts:

8/18/16 – 22nd / Illinois –cash stolen

8/19/16 – 700 block 22nd –iPad stolen

8/19/16 – 2900 block San Bruno –tools stolen

8/20/16 – 1800 block Oakdale –luggage stolen

8/20/16 – 22nd / Illinois –cash stolen

8/20/16 – 100 block Hamilton –tools stolen

8/21/16 – 22nd / Illinois –laptop stolen

8/23/16 – 200 block Industrial –purse stolen

8/24/16 – 500 block Texas –purse & gym bag stolen


Auto Thefts:

8/18/16 – Keith/ Oakdale – ’93 black Nissan Frontier

8/18/16 – 1700 block Newcomb – ’88 red Nissan truck

8/18/16 – Tunnel / Blanken – ’93 red Nissan Altima

8/19/16 – Thomas / Jennings – ’03 silver Audi A4

8/20/16 – unit block Navy – ’00 blue Jeep Cherokee

8/21/16 – Jennings / Yosemite – ’03 white Chevy Silverado

8/21/16 – 200 block Amherst – ’99 white Ford van

8/22/16 – 25th / Connecticut – ’96 green Infinity i30

8/22/16 – Hale / Barneveld – ’98 red Honda Civic

8/22/16 – Ingalls / Quesada – ’88 grey Toyota Camry

8/22/16 – unit block Crane – ’03 white Ford E150

8/22/16 – Girard / Woolsey – ’03 grey GMC Envoy

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