June 3, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

                                  At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 5/27/16 – 6/2/16

Arrests: Felony: 12 * Misdemeanor: 13 * Citations: 229


Auto Burglary Arrest– 1100 block Revere– 5/27/16, 2:20 am

Officers responded to a call of an auto burglary and met with the victim who stated that the tool box in the bed of his truck had been broken into and power tools had been stolen. The victim had a security camera pointed at his vehicle which captured the theft. A suspect was seen driving up to the parked truck in his own truck. He is seen in the footage manipulating the lock of the lock box, opening it, and making several trips between the two vehicles with the stolen tools prior to driving away. The suspect and his vehicle were located at Palou and Crisp. He was positively identified from the video and arrested. The suspect was booked on auto burglary charges. (SFPD Case No. 160435022)


 Aggravated Assault – 25th / Michigan – 5/27/16, 4:00 pm

Officers responded to a homeless encampment on a call of an aggravated assault. They located a 48 year old male victim, who was bleeding from the head, lying on a cot. The victim was able to tell the officers that an acquaintance who lives nearby had struck him in the head with a pipe. The victim was transported to SFGH where he was treated. The officers secured the crime scene and obtained witness statements and collected all evidence. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160434325)


 Shooting– 4900 block 3rd – 5/28/16, 11:43 pm                            

Officers responded to a call of shots fired. They located several spent shell casings at the scene. During the course of their investigation, they were notified that a victim with a gunshot wound had come into SFGH seeking treatment. The officers resounded and met with the 66 year old male victim, who had sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. He told the officers that he had been standing at the bus stop in the area when he heard the gunfire and realized that he had been grazed by a bullet. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160436252)


 Robbery – Lane / Van Dyke – 5/28/16, 9:30 pm

Officers responded to SFGH on a call of an aggravated assault victim who had received his injuries during a robbery that occurred at Lane and Van Dyke. The 55 year old victim told the officers that he had been walking in the area when he was hit on the back of the head and lost consciousness. He came to and found three suspects going through his pockets, removing his money, before fleeing on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160446687)


 Aggravated Assault – 800 block Newhall – 5/29/16, 6:14 pm

Officers responded to a call of an assault and located a 64 year old victim who had been sprayed in the face with pepper spray. The victim stated that she had parked her car and was walking to church when a female suspect ran up to her, began to yell, and sprayed her with the pepper spray. The suspect then ran off. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160439795)


Robbery– 2100 block Revere– 5/30/16, 6:45 pm

A 21 year old victim was robbed while walking and listening to music on her iPhone. The victim told the officers that two suspects approached her from behind. One of the suspects grabbed the purse that she had slung on her shoulder. As she struggled for the bag, her iPhone fell from her pocket. The second suspect picked up the phone as the first suspect punched the victim in the stomach. Both suspects then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160443279)


 Narcotics Arrest– 4500 block 3rd– 5/31/16, 6:30 pm

Plainclothes officers, conducting surveillance from an area of concealment, witnessed a hand to hand drug transaction. Both the buyer and seller were detained. The buyer was found to have the newly purchased rock of crack cocaine in his possession. The seller had additional rocks of crack cocaine in his possession as well as a large amount of currency. The buyer was cited and released from the scene and the dealer was booked on sales of narcotics charges. (SFPD Case No. 160445598)


 Aggravated Assault– unit block Harbor– 5/31/16, 7:10 pm

A 24 year old victim was walking home when he was approached by a subject who lives in the area and who had shot him in the face with a BB gun the day before. The suspect accused the victim of “snitching” on him to the police. The suspect then assaulted the victim, punching and kicking him multiple times before fleeing. The suspect’s identifying information was provided to the officers and an arrest warrant is pending. (SFPD Case No. 160445758)


 Firearm Arrest– Market / Church– 6/2/16, 2:00 pm

Officers responded to the 4700 block of 3rd St. regarding a call of a lost firearm. The reporting party stated that he had left a backpack, which contained a firearm on a MUNI bus. He told the officers that the backpack had been locked and that the gun was not loaded. The officers were soon notified by MUNI personnel at Church and Market that a backpack containing a gun had been surrendered to them by a passenger. The officers responded with the owner of the pistol who was able to identify his back. It was determined through their investigation that the backpack never contained a lock on it as previously reported and that the weapon was indeed loaded. The owner of the gun was arrested for possessing a loaded, concealed firearm. He was cited and released and the 9mm semi automatic pistol was booked into evidence. (SFPD Case No. 160451078)


 Firearm Arrest– 1100 block Connecticut– 6/2/16, 9:30 pm

After receiving information about a convicted felon being in possession of firearms and conducting an investigation that corroborated the information, officers were able to obtain a search warrant for the person and home of the subject. They responded to his residence and served the warrant. The suspect was detained as the home was searched. The officers located a .40 caliber pistol loaded with a high capacity magazine. The suspect was arrested and booked on weapons charges. (SFPD Case No. 160452010)


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