March 23, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 3/15/16 – 3/22/16

Arrests: Felony: 25 * Misdemeanor: 14 * Citations: 244



Aggravated Assault– 1900 block Jerrold – 3/16/16, 5:52 pm

A truck driver was backing his vehicle while making a delivery when a pedestrian approached him and accused him of almost hitting him with the truck. The driver denied getting close to the pedestrian and went about with his delivery. Once finished, he came back to his truck to see the pedestrian still hanging around. When he got back into his truck, the suspect (pedestrian) ran up to the open driver’s window and sprayed pepper spray into the victim’s face before running off on foot. This incident is under investigation.(SFPD Case No. 160222023)


 Aggravated Assault – 100 block Kiska – 3/17/16, 12:45 pm

A 33 year old victim was in her living room when she heard popping sounds coming from her back yard. She went outside to investigate and on doing so, was struck in the forehead with a projectile. She saw four suspects fleeing the scene immediately after. The officers observed the wound to the victim’s forehead and determined that it was likely made with a BB gun round. The victim was treated at SFGH for her injury. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160224160)


Recovered Firearm – 2400 block San Bruno – 3/17/16, 3:45 pm

Officer responded to a call of a found firearm and met with the owner of a building conducting renovation on a vacant unit. He told the officers that he found a gun in one of the closets and surrendered it. The officers seized the 9mm handgun, which had been reported as stolen out of Fremont in 2005, and booked it at Bayview Station.  (SFPD Case No. 160224693)


Shots Fired – 100 block Apollo – 3/18/16, 3:20 pm

Officers responded to a home on a shots fired call. They met with the resident of the upstairs unit who stated that he heard a gunshot come from the unit below which was vacant. He went into the hallway and saw three suspects running out of the building. The door to the downstairs unit, which had been previously nailed shut, was now kicked open. The officers entered the unit in search of any possible victims and suspects but found none. They located a loaded pistol in one of the rooms and observed that a round had been fired into the closet door. The gun was seized. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident. (SFPD Case No. 160210545)


Aggravated Assault – 1400 block Underwood – 3/18/16, 6:40 pm

A victim was in his bedroom watching TV when a shot came through his wall and lodged in a picture frame. The bullet came from the unit next door and the officers responded to that location. They located the suspect and found the spent shell casing. The suspect, a probationer prohibited from possessing weapons, was placed under arrest and booked on aggravated assault charges. (SFPD Case No. 160228623)


Aggravated Assault – 1400 block Underwood – 3/18/16, 6:40 pm

Officers responded to a call of a hit and run and located a 56 year old victim lying in the street. He was bleeding and was immediately transported to SFGH for treatment. The offices located several witnesses who stated that the victim was seen arguing with a subject who was in a car over a parking space. The victim was seen leaning into the suspects driver’s side window when the suspect suddenly accelerated, pulling the victim along with him as he sped off until the victim fell to the ground. The officers searched the area for the suspect and his vehicle but were unable to locate wither that evening. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160228623)


Burglary, Narcotics Arrest – Oakdale / Newhall – 3/18/16, 7:10 pm

Officers patrolling in the area spotted a subject who had been identified by Bayview inspectors as the suspect in a recent burglary. The suspect was taken into custody and searched. The officers found crack cocaine in his possession. He was booked on burglary and narcotics charges. (SFPD Case No. 160127053)


Aggravated Assault – Marin/ Illinois – 3/19/16, 3:55 am

Officers responded to a homeless shelter on a call of an assault. They met with an employee who stated that he had been approached by the suspect (one of the shelter’s guests) while he was outside. The suspect asked him for a drag of his cigarette. The victim refused which upset the suspect who in turn spit in the victim’s face. The victim shoved the suspect away and the suspect attacked him, punching him until the victim fell to the ground. Once on the ground, the suspect straddled the victim and continued to punch him until bystanders broke up the fight. The officers located the suspect nearby and placed him under arrest. He was booked on aggravated assault charges. (SFPD Case No. 160229449)


Auto Burglary Arrest – 1500 block Newhall – 3/19/16, 9:00 am

Officers on patrol spotted a vehicle that had been reported as involved in multiple recent auto burglaries driving down the street. They initialed a traffic stop and detained the driver. A record check revealed that he had an outstanding burglary warrant for his arrest and he was taken into custody. The officers found burglary tools on his person. He was booked on his warrant as well as auto burglary charges.   (SFPD Case No. 160214105)


Armed Robbery – 600 block Connecticut – 3/19/16, 9:00 pm

A 58 year old taxi driver picked up a fare on Cesar Chavez and proceeded to drive him to the 600 block of Connecticut. One there, the suspect pointed a gun at the driver and demanded hi property. The victim, fearing for his life, gave the suspect his cell phone and jewelry. The suspect then got out of the cab and fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160214309)


Auto Theft Arrest – Phelps / Evans – 3/20/16, 1:58 pm

Officers ran a check of a license plate of a double parked vehicle in the area and learned that it had been reported as stolen. The car began driving from the scene and the officers initiated a traffic stop which culminated in the arrest of the suspect t. he was booked on auto theft and possession of stolen property charges. (SFPD Case No. 160233133)


Auto Burglary Arrest – 2300 block 3rd – 3/21/16, 12:30 pm

Officers responded to a call of an auto burglary that had just occurred and met with the witness. They were told that the suspect was seen riding up to a parked vehicle on a bicycle. The suspect then produced a hammer like object which she used to break the car’s window. The suspect then reached inside the car, grabbed a purse out, and rode off on her bike. Officers searched the area and located the suspect at Tubbs and Tennessee where she was positively identified. The suspect had the stolen property in her possession along with methamphetamine and ecstasy. She was booked on auto burglary, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, and narcotics charges. (SFPD Case No. 160235587)


Narcotics Arrest – 3rd / Quesada – 3/22/16, 9:00 am

Officers conducting a narcotics abatement operation in the area witnessed a hand to hand drug transaction from their area of concealment. Both parties were detained and the narcotics (crack cocaine) were found in the “buyers” possession. The “seller” was arrested and his vehicle, which he was seen getting in and out of prior to the sale, was searched. The officer found money on the center console and multiple rocks of crack cocaine inside the car. He was booked on narcotics sales charges. The “buyer” was also arrested and booked on narcotics charges as well as an outstanding warrant for his arrest (SFPD Case No. 160219456)


Narcotics Arrest – 3rd / Quesada – 3/22/16, 9:30 am

Officers conducting a narcotics abatement operation in the area witnessed a hand to hand drug transaction from their area of concealment. They saw the “dealer” drive up to a “buyer” and the two engages in a brief conversation. The buyer was seen handed the seller some money and the seller then handed the buyer an item in return. Both subjects were detained and the item sold was found to be a bag of marijuana. The buyer was cited at the scene and the seller was placed under arrest. He had additional marijuana on his person as well as inside his vehicle. He was booked on narcotics sales charges. (SFPD Case No. 160238440)




3/16/16, 9:00 am, 900 block Carolina, residence, bikes stolen

3/18/16, 6:30 pm, 1100 block DeHaro, residence, bike stolen

3/19/16, 3:00 pm, 2200 block 23rd, residence, bike  stolen


Auto Theft:

3/16/16, 4:00 am, 1700 block McKinnon, Suzuki GSXR motorcycle

3/17/16, 1:00 pm, unit block Sierra, black Toyota 4Runner

3/18/16, 7:00 pm, 2200 block Ingalls, black BMW 528

3/18/16, 8:00 pm, 2100 block Quesada, white Honda Del Sol

3/19/16, 11:00 pm, Felton / San Bruno, white Chevy Express

3/19/16, 6:00 pm, 300 block Pennsylvania, blue Hyundai Tucson

3/20/16, 12:00 am, Ingalls / Kiska, blue Chrysler Sebring

3/21/16, 9:40 pm, 200 block Loomis, silver Honda Civic


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