January 22, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 1/15/15 – 1/21/16

Arrests: Felony: 13 * Misdemeanor: 12 * Narcotics: 3

     Citations Issued: 422


Narcotics Arrest– Newcomb/ 3rd – 1/17/16, 11:50 am

Officers patrolling the area detained subject who was seated on a fire hydrant while drinking from a bottle of alcohol. She admitted to having a crack pipe in her possession which was recovered by the officers. The suspect was cited for the violations. (SFPD Case No. 160046839)


 Parolee at Large Arrest – Shafter / Ingalls – 1/17/16, 12:50 pm

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and discovered that the driver had a suspended license. Further inquiry revealed that he was a parolee at large with a no bail warrant for his arrest. The suspect was taken into custody and booked. (SFPD Case No. 160047019)


Shooting – Quesada / 3rd – 1/18/16, 7:15 pm

Officers responded to a call of a shooting and located a crime scene which they preserved. The officers were able to locate witnesses and obtain suspect descriptions. A 24 year old male victim was located at SFGH where he was driven by a relative. He was being treated for gunshot wounds to his leg. He stated that he was riding his scooter when a group of suspects appeared, one of which pointed a gun at him and began shooting.

Officers at the scene searched the area and located three subjects who were close in appearance to the descriptions provided. One of the suspects was wearing a wig and had a mask in his possession. He also had a warrant for his arrest and was booked on that warrant. All three suspects had gunshot residue tests performed to determine if any of them had recently fired a weapon. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160050620)


 Auto Boost, Burglary Tool Arrest– 2800 block Jennings – 1/18/16, 10:00 pm

Officers responded to a call of an auto burglary in progress. The victim stated that two suspects drove up to her vehicle, which was parked outside of her home, and were attempting to remove one of the tires from her car. The officers arrived to find both suspects still on scene. One was carrying a tire iron from the victim’s car to another vehicle where the second suspect was seated. They were both detained and positively identified by the victim. Both suspects were booked on vehicle tampering, possession of burglary tools and conspiracy charges. (SFPD Case No. 160051060)


 Burglary Arrest– 100 block Bayshore – 1/20/16, 5:15 am

Officers responded to a recycling plant on a call of a burglary. The manager of the facility reported two subjects in safety vests on the property when nobody should be there. The arriving officers discovered that a hole had been made in the chain link fence. They spotted two suspects inside the yard and on identifying themselves as police, saw both suspects hide behind a truck. The officers took the suspects into custody and located a bag containing their burglary tools and disguises where the two had been hiding. One of the suspects was on probation and the other was on active parole. Both suspects were booked on burglary, possession of burglary tools, and conspiracy charges. (SFPD Case No. 160054688)


Hot Prowl Burglary– 200 block Bayshore – 1/21/16, 5:00 am

Officers responded to a church on a call of a burglary. They met with the witness who had lived in a room attached to the property. He told the officers that he had awoken to the sound of glass breaking. He went into the church to investigate and saw a suspect standing by the front door. He yelled at the suspect who ran out of the building. A second suspect then ran out of the office area and headed out the damaged front door. The victim followed them out and saw both suspects fleeing in a black Chevy Camaro. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160057927)


 Narcotics Arrest– 100 block Dakota – 1/21/16, 1:00 pm

Officers responded to a vacant unit on the 100 block of Dakota regarding a complaint of squatters taking up residence inside. They located a suspect inside and detained him. He was in possession of several individually packaged rocks of crack cocaine as well as tar heroin. He also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for a narcotics violation. The suspect was arrested and booked on multiple charges that included narcotics for sale and trespassing charges. (SFPD Case No. 160059127)



1/19/16, 11:00 pm, 4000 block 3rd, warehouse, power tools stolen (SFPD Case No. 160055404)

1/20/16, 8:00 am, 800 block Mendell, residence, ID cards stolen (SFPD Case No. 160057052)

1/20/16, 9:00 am, unit block Sweeny, residence, safe & firearms stolen (SFPD Case No. 160056822)

1/20/16, 9:00 am, 100 block Cambridge, residence, safe stolen (SFPD Case No. 160056907)

1/21/16, 6:00 am, 1600 block Evans, commercial, sewer camera tools  (SFPD Case No. 160058094)

Auto Burglaries:

1/17/16, 9:30 am, 1000 block Silver, briefcase stolen

1/18/16, 10:20 am, 800 block Rhode Island, work badge stolen

 Auto Theft:

1/19/16, 7:00 pm, 3rd / Palou, white Nissan Altima

1/19/16, 11:00 pm, 4000 block 3rd, white Ford F150

1/20/16, 9:30 am, 800 block DeHaro, white Toyota Corolla


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