January 7, 2016 Bayview Newsletter

All Hail Bayview, the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year!

Monday, January 4, 2016, by Mary Jo Bowling, Curbed SF

“Today, we are officially crowning Bayview the neighborhood of the year and awarding the district the 2015 Curbed Cup title! To win the award, Bayview fought it out with NoPa in the final round on the last day of 2015. In the end, the south side neighborhood triumphed by more than 100 points. Reader comments explain why: “One of the last few affordable neighborhoods (by SF’s standards), with lots of new businesses opening up alongside historic ones on walkable/transit-accessible 3rd Street and in cool converted industrial spaces…,” said Coastalhills when describing Bayview.

Coastalhills went on to commend the neighborhood for “community gardens, a growing arts/food/beverage scene, and tons of new park land/housing/office/retail under construction.”

Even some detractors had to give the neighborhood a nod. Before going on to extol his neighborhood of choice, NoPa supporter Dionysysv said: “Do I wish I had bought in the Bayview two years ago? Yes.”

Bayview takes over the title from Excelsior, the 2014 champ who made it to the Final Four before being defeated by NoPa.”

Article available at: http://sf.curbed.com/archives/2016/01/04/all_hail_bayview_the_curbed_cup_neighborhood_of_the_year.php


 At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 12/31/15 – 1/06/16

     Arrests: Felony: 19 * Misdemeanor: 10 * Narcotics: 3

                               Citations Issued: 235



 Robbery– 3rd / Revere – 12/20/15, 11:30 pm

A 49 year old victim came to Bayview Station to report that he had been robbed while waiting for the bus. The victim stated that he was surrounded by five suspects, one of which brandished a knife. Another suspect went through the victim’s pockets and removed his wallet. All of the suspects then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151119807)


Narcotics Arrest – 23rd / Dakota – 12/24/15, 9:57 pm

An officer stopped a car for a traffic violation and detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle. The driver admitted to having marijuana inside. A search of the car revealed a large bag containing over 430 grams of marijuana along with MDMA pills, and a digital scale. The suspect was arrested for possession of narcotics for the purpose of sales and was booked. A search warrant was obtained for the suspect’s residence on the 100 block of Bridgeview. The officers served the warrant at 7:00 pm on December 30th. Their search revealed additional marijuana, packaging equipment, and ammunition. (SFPD Case No. 1151122872)


Firearms, Narcotics Arrest – 600 block University – 12/31/15, 9:50 pm

Officers responded to a call of shots fired where the victim reported that a bullet had come through his kitchen. The officers located the suspect round and through their investigation, determined that the shot was fired from inside the home of the neighbor. The officers went to the neighbors’ home and detained the four adult occupants while they searched for any possible victims. During the search, the offices detected a strong odor of marijuana inside the house. One of the suspects admitted to having fired the shot. A search warrant was obtained and the residence was thoroughly searched. The officers located an assault rifle, a 32 caliber pistol, two .40 caliber handguns, a revolver, and two shotguns inside the residence. In addition, they recovered a large amount of ammunition, a large amount of marijuana, as well as packaging and weighing equipment for the drugs. All four suspects were taken into custody and booked on multiple weapons and narcotics related charges. (SFPD Case No. 15127101)


 Auto Burglary Arrest – 700 block Bayshore – 1/1/16, 11:30 am

A victim looked outside the window of her place of work and noticed two suspects rummaging through her vehicle, which had been parked and locked, outside. She went out and confronted the suspects, who both tried to get into a nearby van but were stopped by her co-workers. She noticed that her stereo system had been removed from her car. The officers took the suspects into custody. The stolen items were found in the backpack that one of the suspects had in his possession. Both suspects were booked on auto burglary, possession of stolen property, and conspiracy charges. (SFPD Case No. 160001350)


Robbery – John F. Shelley / Mansell – 1/2/16, 10:30 pm

A 22 year old victim was robbed by his friend and two acquaintances when he accepted a ride home from the group after getting off from work. While inside the car, one of the suspects in the back seat pointed a gun at the victim, demanding his property. The suspect reached over and grabbed the victim’s phone, wallet, and backpack. The victim was then told to get out of the car. After complying, the suspects drove off. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160005415)


 Aggravated Assault– 3rd / Gilman – 1/3/16, 10:30 am

A 52 year old victim was waiting at the bus stop when two suspects walked past her. One of the suspects made a derogatory statement to the victim, who in turn confronted her. The two women got into a physical altercation during which the suspect produced a box cutter. The victim grabbed the box cutter to prevent the victim from stabbing her, resulting in a laceration to the victim’s fingers. The suspect and her companion then fled the scene. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160006366)


Firearm Arrest– 1600 block Keith – 1/3/16, 7:12 pm

An officer conducting an investigation in the area noticed two suspects get out of a parked vehicle and walk from the scene. He ran the plate of the car and determined that it had been reported as stolen. Other units responded to the area and located both suspects on the 1600 block of Lane. They were taken into custody. One of the suspects had burglary tools in his possession as well as a key fob to a vehicle. The vehicle that the key opened was found on the 1600 block of Keith. The officers recognized the car as wanted in connection with a residential burglary that occurred on Aviso Way on December 31st. An officer looked into the window of the car and spotted the handle of a handgun that was partially hidden under the front seat. The officer recovered the loaded pistol and located an additional loaded 9mm handgun inside the car. Both suspects were booked on firearm and stolen property charges. (SFPD Case No. 160007314)


Robbery– 800 block Ingerson – 1/4/16, 10:30 am

A 72 year old victim was waiting for the bus when a suspect ran up to her and snatched the purse that she was holding. The suspect then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160008469)


Robbery – 200 block Hester – 1/4/16, 4:10 pm

A 29 year old victim was walking home when she noticed a suspect watching her from across the street. She reached her home and began ringing the door bell when the suspect approached while holding a knife. The suspect demanded money and the victim took all the cash she had out of her purse and handed it to him. The suspect then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160010919)



Attempted Robbery Arrest – 500 block Hamilton – 1/4/16, 4:20 pm

Robbery Arrest – 500 block Hamilton – 1/4/16, 4:30 pm

Officers responded to a call of a robbery attempt and met with the victim. He said that he was walking home from school when a suspect approached him and pinned him against a wall. The suspect demanded money and the victim replied that he had none. The suspect then released the victim and ran off with another subject.

An off duty Sherriff’s Deputy arrived on scene and told the officers that he had seen two subjects matching the description provided to dispatch on the 300 block of Gaven. He explained that he had seen the suspects acting suspiciously as they followed a young man wearing head phones. The officers searched the area and located both suspects who were detained and one of them was positively identified by the robbery attempt victim.  He was arrested.

Another robbery call came in during that time where a victim was robbed on the 500 block of Hamilton. This victim was punched in the face and the suspect stole his wallet. The suspect matched the description of the robbery attempt suspect that the officers had in custody. It was determined that he was responsible for this robbery as well. The suspect was booked on robbery and attempted robbery charges. The second subject was identified and released pending further investigation. (SFPD Case No. 160009718, 160009912)


Narcotics, Stolen Property Arrest – Oakdale / Baldwin – 1/5/16, 4:00 pm

Officers patrolling the area spotted a stolen vehicle parked in the area and  stayed in a possession of concealment for a short time until two suspects approached the car and got inside. The officers detained them before they could drive off. Both suspects had felony warrants for their arrest and were taken into custody. One of the suspects had methamphetamine in his possession and was wearing a ballistic vest under his jacket that had been reported as stolen from a police officer. Both were booked on their respective charges. (SFPD Case No. 160006394)




1/2/16, 2:40 am, 2500 block San Bruno, commercial, money & lobsters stolen (SFPD Case No. 160003889)

1/2/16, 7:20 am, unit block Dorman, commercial, electronics stolen (SFPD Case No. 160008588 )

1/3/16, 7:12 pm, 1600 block Keith, residence, items stolen to be determined (SFPD Case No. 151125832)

1/4/16, 12:00 am, 2700 block San Bruno, commercial, TV and money stolen (SFPD Case No. 160009172)

1/5/16, 2:30 am, 2700 block San Bruno, commercial, laptop and money stolen (SFPD Case No. 160011014)


Auto Burglaries:

1/1/16, 11:40 pm, 1000 block Connecticut, wheels stolen

1/2/16, 5:10 am, 1000 block Revere, cash stolen

1/3/16, 4:20 pm, 19th / 3rd, jewelry, backpack, clothing stolen


Auto Theft:

1/2/16, 7:50 pm, 2900 block San Bruno, grey Hyundai Elantra

1/2/16, 9:50 pm, 200 block Cumberland, silver Mercedes C300

1/2/16, 1:00 pm, Wisconsin / 25th, blue Honda Civic

1/3/16, 4:00 pm, 700 block DeHaro, white Toyota Corolla

1/3/16, 4:00 pm, 700 block Girard, grey Honda Accord

1/3/16, 7:40 pm, unit block Augusta, green Honda Civic

1/5/16, 6:40 am, Pennsylvania / 22nd, black Honda Civic

1/5/16, 6:30 pm, Bayview / Newhall, black Infiniti i30


Bayview Station holds community meetings with the Captain on the first Tuesday of each month.

The next Community meeting will be at 6PM on  Tuesday, February 2nd  

Bayview Station Community Room 201 Williams Ave (Cross Street Phelps)