December 31, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

At a Glance:

Bayview Enforcement Action 12/24/15 – 12/30/15

     Arrests: Felony: 16 * Misdemeanor: 27 * Narcotics: 4

Citations Issued: 303

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!


 Vandalism Arrest– 3rd / Marin – 12/23/15, 5:00 pm

Officers responded on a call of a vandalism where the suspect was seen spray painting on the side of a building at 3rd and Cesar Chavez. The officers located a suspect who matched the broadcast description at a nearby bus stop. The nervous suspect admitted to the offense. Multiple cans of spray paint were found in his backpack. The suspect was cited. (SFPD Case No. 151105646)


 Shots Fired – 200 block Woolsey – 12/24/15, 9:57 pm

Officers responded to a Shot-Spotter activation and located a suspect casing in the street. They searched the area for any possible victims, suspects, and damage but were unable to locate any that night. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151108907)


Arson Arrest – 2900 block San Bruno – 12/24/15, 11:40 pm

Officers responded to meet with SFFD regarding a brush fire. They were advised that the individual responsible for setting the fire was still in the area, armed with a knife. Witnesses stated that the suspect was seen near the foliage before the fire broke out and became belligerent and threatening when residents came out of their homes to extinguish the flames. The officers located the suspect and detained him. He was positively identified. A knife was found on his person along with a lighter. He was taken into custody and booked on arson charges. (SFPD Case No. 151109024)


Narcotics Arrest – Thomas / Hawes – 12/24/15, 10:45 pm

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and on making contact with the driver, detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. They conducted a search of the vehicle for the narcotics and located a backpack that contained a large amount of marijuana, packaging supplies, several scales, as well as a pay sheet. All of these items are associated with the sales of narcotics. The suspect was placed under arrest. The officers found a large amount of cash, in denominations consistent with drug sales, on his person. The suspect was booked on narcotics for sale charges. (SFPD Case No. 151108963)


Armed Robbery – Jennings / Palou – 12/25/15, 9:20 pm

A victim was driving her vehicle and when she stopped at a stop sign, two suspects ran up to her car. One of the suspects was armed with a gun. He banged on the driver’s window with the weapon, demanding the victim’s purse. The second suspect opened the passenger door of the victim’s vehicle and grabbed the purse that had been sitting on the passenger seat. Both suspects then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151110576)


Robbery Arrest – Bayshore / Silver – 12/26/15, 5:00 pm

Officers responded to a call of an altercation and found all of the parties involved at 3rd and Palou. The victims, a married couple, stated that they had boarded a MUNI bus and the wife accidently bumped into the suspect as she walked down the aisle. The suspect became angry and snatched her bag away from her, throwing it to the ground. The victim picked her bag up and took a seat, at which point the suspect approached her and struck her. He then got off the bus and the victims followed him. The husband called the police as the suspect snatched the bag from the wife again on the street. The officers arrested the suspect, already on probation, and booked him on robbery and probation violation charges.  (SFPD Case No. 151112334)


Armed Robbery– Whitney Young / Newcomb – 12/26/15, 6:20 pm

Two victims were riding their “hover board” skateboards in the area when two suspects ran up to them. One brandished the handle of a gun that was in his waistband prior to each suspect grabbing the hover board from the victims and fleeing on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151112641)


Robbery– Blanken / Gillette – 12/27/15, 6:45 pm

A victim was walking in the area when a suspect approached her from behind and forcefully snatched the purse she had flung over her shoulder. The victim fell to the ground as the suspect fled into a waiting vehicle which drove from the scene. Officers searching the area located the victim’s purse, sans phone and wallet, in the area of Jamestown and Harney. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151115015)


Robbery– Burrows / Brussels – 12/28/15, 8:10 pm

A victim was walking in the area when two suspects approached her from behind. One of them grabbed her purse and forced it away from her then grabbed her and threw her against a wall. Both suspects fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151118150)


Hot Prowl Burglary – 700 block University – 12/30/15, 9:30 am

Two residents were inside their respective bedrooms inside the home when a suspect broke into the home and stole a safe from the living room. The crime was discovered when one of the victims left the bedroom and discovered the living room glass door shattered. The safe was located outside of the home. It had been opened and the jewelry inside of it had been stolen. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151122612)


Armed Robbery – 200 block Bancroft – 12/31/15, 1:45 am

A couple was asleep in their bedroom with their 4 year old child when the husband awoke to a suspect pointing a gun at him. A second suspect was also in the room. The wife woke up as well and the suspect warned both victims not to do anything “stupid” and threatened to hurt the child if the victims did. The husband was told to unlock the cabinet where their money was kept and the victim complied out of fear for his life and that of his family. The suspects then fled with the money and a purse from the home. Crime Scene Investigations responded and processed the scene for evidentiary evidence. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151124953)




12/24/15, 11:00 pm, 600 block Missouri, residence, hot prowl, bikes stolen (SFPD Case No. 151109676)

12/25/15, 9:30 am, 800 block Kansas, residence, skateboard stolen (SFPD Case No. 151121084)

12/28/15, 3:00 am, 1200 block Revere, residence, speakers and cash stolen (SFPD Case No. 151118796)


Auto Burglaries:

12/21/15, 3:30 pm, 3rd / Palou, Rx stolen

12/21/15, 5:50 pm, 22nd / Illinois, iPhone, personal items

12/21/15, 7:45 pm, 19th / Connecticut, laptop stolen

12/23/15, 9:00 pm, 1700 block Bancroft, coffee machines and shoes stolen

12/23/15, 7:00 pm, 19th / Connecticut, laptop bag stolen

12/24/15, 4:00 pm, 3rd / Palou, purse stolen

12/24/15, 8:50 am, Felton / San Bruno, backpack stolen

12/24/15, 7:30 pm, 200 block Bayshore, laptop stolen

12/24/15, 7:30 pm, Selby / Revere, stereo stolen

12/26/15, 8:00 pm, 200 block Bayshore, iPad & camera stolen

12/26/15, 9:30 pm, Mariposa / Vermont, clothing & curling irons stolen

12/27/15, 7:30 pm, 3rd / 22nd, gifts stolen


Auto Theft:

12/21/15, 1:00 pm, 2900 block Keith, black Lexus 450

12/22/15, 12:00 pm, unit block Girard, black Scion TC

12/22/15, 7:00 pm, 800 block Goettingen, black Honda Civic

12/22/15, 3:00 pm, San Bruno / Mansell, black Honda Civic

12/23/15, 5:00 am, Cashmere / Whitney Young, red Honda Civic

12/23/15, 9:00 pm, Tunnel / Lathrop, white GMC TM 2150D

12/23/15, 7:30 pm, 1700 block LaSalle, gold Honda Civic

12/24/15, 10:30 am, Bridgeview / Newhall, black Honda Accord

12/24/15, 8:00 am, unit block Topeka, blue Chrysler Sebring

12/24/15, 5:45 am, 3000 block Jennings, grey Infinity Q45

12/26/15, 3:30 pm, 500 block Texas, green Kawasaki RS

12/27/15, 10:30 pm, 700 Ingerson, white Acura Integra

12/27/15, 7:00 pm, Lathrop / Tocoloma, purple Honda Accord

12/27/15, 11:00 pm, 1300 block Bowdoin, green Honda Accord

12/28/15, 5:20 pm, 200 block Amherst, green Acura Integra

12/29/15, 5:00 pm, 2800 block San Bruno, gold Lexus RX400

12/29/15, 8:00 pm, Silver / Merrill, red Honda Civic



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