December 18, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Firearm Arrest– Newcomb / 3rd – 12/15/15, 3:15 pm

Officers spotted a subject walking in the area who they recognized as a suspect in an October shooting incident. They also knew that the subject was on active probation with a search condition. The officers attempted to detain the subject at which point he fled. During the foot chase, the officers observed the butt of a handgun sticking out of the subject’s waist. As he ran, the suspect frantically attempted to remove the gun, finally succeeding and tossing it over a fence on the 1600 block of Newcomb. The suspect was apprehended and the loaded .40 caliber pistol was recovered. The serial number on the weapon had been obliterated. The suspect was booked on multiple weapons related charges as well as probation violation. (SFPD Case No. 151082442)


 Firearm Arrest– 700 block Kirkwood – 12/16/15, 12:41 am

Officers were called on a report of threats made by an armed individual after he and the victim had an altercation. The suspect had threatened the victim with the handgun prior to leaving the scene in his vehicle. The suspect was identified to the officers and his vehicle information was provided. Officers searching the area located the suspect driving his car on the 1300 block of Evans. The officers affected a traffic stop and placed the suspect under arrest. A loaded .22 caliber handgun was found in the vehicle. The suspect was booed on multiple charges including weapons violations.  (SFPD Case No. 151083763)


 Robbery – Silliman / Girard – 12/16/15, 11:45 pm

A 59 year old victim was walking in the area when a suspect suddenly jumped out from behind a telephone maintenance box on the sidewalk and struck her. He then shoved her to the ground and forcefully yanked her purse from her. The suspect then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151086933)


Aggravated Assault – San Bruno / Burrows – 12/17/15, 12:30 am

A 32 year old victim was dropped off by a taxi cab and paid the driver with a credit card. Once the payment device in the cab accepted the payment, the victim got out and began to walk away. The driver of the cab chased him and pepper sprayed him. The cab driver then got back in his cab and fled the scene. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151087044)


Stay Away Order Arrest – 3rd / Palou – 12/17/15, 12:00 pm

Officers patrolling the area spotted a suspect who they recognized as having a narcotics related stay away order form the area. He was placed under arrest. A search of his person revealed marijuana packaged for the purpose of sales. The suspect was booked on his stay away order and narcotics related charges. (SFPD Case No. 151087919)


Recovered Firearm – 5000 block 3rd – 12/17/15, 12:15 pm

An employee of a business in the area heard a loud clanking sound outside the front door of the premises and investigated its source. Though nobody was outside, the employee noticed that a gun had been dropped between the gate and front door. Officers responded and collected the .25 caliber pistol. It was booked into evidence pending an investigation into its possible use in any criminal activity.  (SFPD Case No. 151088105)


Shots Fired – Ingalls / Van Dyke – 12/17/15, 3:50 pm

Officers responded to a report of shots fired in the area and located multiple spent shell casings in the street. A witness was located who provided information regarding a suspect seen shooting a gun in the area. The officers searched the area for the suspect, possible victims, and damage but were unable to locate any that day. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident, which is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151088688)


Aggravated Assault – San Bruno / Bacon – 12/18/15, 12:40 am

A 51 year old victim came into Bayview Station and reported that he had just been attacked. He stated that he had been waiting for the bus when a suspect approached him and began beating him with a stick. The suspect did not take anything from the victim before fleeing the scene. The victim was treated for his injuries at SFGH. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 151090138)



12/2/15, 11:00 pm, 1700 block Egbert, commercial, TV & laptop stolen (SFPD Case No. 151088694)

Auto Burglaries:

12/09/15, 6:00 am, unit block Mendell, tools stolen

12/15/15, 2:15 pm, 1600 block Quesada, backpacks stolen

12/16/15, 7:00 pm, Silliman / Girard, tools stolen

Auto Theft:

12/14/15, 8:00 pm, 1800 block Silliman , black Acura Vigor

12/14/15, 8:00 pm, 400 block Hamilton , grey Ford Focus

12/16/15, 8:50 am, unit block Waterville , red Isuzu Rodeo

12/16/15, 11:30 am, Newcomb/ Quint , black Acura Integra

12/17/15, 10:00 am, Holyoke / Wayland , grey Honda Accord


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