December 1, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Robbery – Wayland / Brussels – 11/24/15, 8:30 am:

A 44 year old victim was walking with her 4 year old son when a suspect armed with a knife approached her and demanded her money. Frightened for her safety and that of her child, the victim handed the suspect all of the cash that she had. The suspect fled on foot. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 151022539)


 Hot Prowl Burglary Arrest– 800 block University – 11/25/15, 1:40 am

Officers responded to a call of an intruder inside of a residence and met with the terrified victim who told them that there was a suspect upstairs in her home. She said that she woke up to someone getting into bed beside her. Thinking it was her son she got up and turned on the light only to find the suspect, with lipstick all over his face, lying in the bed. The officers located the intoxicated suspect still inside the bedroom and arrested him. He was booked on hot prowl burglary charges. (SFPD Case No. 151024347)


 Robbery– 100 block Barneveld – 11/24/15, 5:35 pm

A 50 year old victim was getting in her parked car when a pick-up truck pulled up and stopped ahead of her. The subjects got out. One of the suspects walked up to her driver’s side window and demanded her money. The victim did not reply and locked her doors. The second suspect reached into the truck and pulled out a stick. He used the stick to shatter the victim’s passenger side window, reached in and grabbed her purse from the passenger seat. Both suspects then got back into the truck and drove from the scene. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 151023474)


 Armed Robbery Attempt– 2200 block Silver – 11/25/15, 1:00 pm

Officers responded to a market on a report of a robbery. They met with the victim, a cashier, who told them that a suspect approached the register with a handgun and demanded money. The victim told the suspect that she was calling the police and ran away. The suspect then fled into a four door sedan which drove from the scene. This incident is being investigated. (SFPD Case No. 151025511)


Burglary, Auto Theft Arrest– unit block Mendell– 11/26/15, 5:00 am

Officers responded to a burglar alarm of a commercial establishment and noticed that the front door had been forced open and a suspect was inside of the lobby. On seeing the officers, the suspect ran deeper into the warehouse and got into a van that he then started and began backing out of the partially open warehouse door. The van collided with the door and continued out into the street. Other officers gave chase and successfully stopped the vehicle in the area of Youngblood Coleman Playground. The suspect got out and fled but was apprehended and taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the officers back at the scene located a second suspect hiding under some shelving inside the warehouse. He too was arrested. Video surveillance footage from the establishment captured both suspects breaking into the facility and rummaging through rooms. The suspect’s vehicle, which was parked outside of the warehouse, was shown to have been reported as stolen. The officers recognized this vehicle as being wanted in another burglary that occurred on November 22nd. Burglary tools, multiple items of stolen property, and narcotics were located in the truck.

Another unit was investigating a different burglary alarm call at another business on the 3800 block of 3rd St. that had occurred earlier that morning as well. They were able to determine that several items that had been stolen in the burglary were located inside the suspects’ truck during the Mendell St. burglary arrest. The same suspects were booked for both burglaries, along with conspiracy, auto theft and possession of stolen property charges. (SFPD Case No. 151027658, 151016231, & 151027642)


 Narcotics Arrest– Oakdale / Newhall – 11/26/15, 10:00 am

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and made contact with the driver. They detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the car. The driver was arrested and the vehicle was searched. The officers located two marijuana grinders (used to cut up marijuana buds to roll in a joint), as well as 17 baggies containing cocaine and 13 baggies containing methamphetamine. The suspect was booked on possession of narcotics for the purpose of sales charges. (SFPD Case No. 151028060)


Auto Burglary, Narcotics Arrest– 800 block Meade – 11/27/15, 3:43 pm

Officers responded to a call of several suspects breaking into a parked car parked outside of a business. They located surveillance footage in the area that captured the incident. From the video, the officers saw a Cadillac pull up to the parked vehicle. Two suspects got out, broke into the victim car, and removed something that they put into the Cadillac. The Cadillac then drove off. They made contact with the owner of the victim vehicle who told them that his stereo and speakers had been stolen. While the offices were searching for the suspects, they found the Cadillac involved on Crisp Ave with the engine still running. They soon located one of the suspects nearby, who positively identified from the video of the crime. He was arrested, found to be in possession of heroin and booked on auto burglary and narcotics violations. The stolen stereo and speakers were located in the Cadillac. An investigation into the identity of the remaining suspects is ongoing.  (SFPD Case No. 151030037)


 Shooting – McKinnon / Selby – 11/28/15, 8:30 pm

Officers responded to a report of shots fired and later located the victims of the shooting at SFGH where they had driven themselves. One 23 year old male victim stated that he was driving his car when a grey Infinity SUV pulled up alongside his window and a suspect in that car began shooting at him, causing gunshot wounds to his arm and leg for which he was treated. His 26 year old male passenger was also shot in the hip and was treated as well. This incident is under investigation (SFPD Case No. 151034625)


 Shots Fired, Vehicle Collision– 18th / Pennsylvania – 11/29/15, 1:38 pm

Officers responded to a call of a vehicle that had been shot at and discovered a silver Chevy Malibu with multiple bullet holes in it. The car had collided with a guard rail in the area and was unoccupied. Witnesses stated that a dark four door sedan with several occupants on board was also involved and drove from the scene shortly after the Malibu’s collision. Officers located multiple shell casings in the area and preserved the crime scene. The Malibu was towed pending further investigation. The officers searched the area for possible victims and/or suspects but were unable to locate any that morning. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident, which is being investigated.  (SFPD Case No. 151035184)


Narcotics Arrest– 1200 block Tennessee – 11/29/15, 10:20 pm

Officers responded to a call of a trespasser in a construction yard and searched the area, locating the suspect inside. The suspect had three warrants for his arrest and was taken into custody. The officers found methamphetamine and a glass smoking pipe in his possession. He was booked on trespassing and narcotics charges as well as his warrants.  (SFPD Case No. 151037403)


Robbery– Revere / 3rd – 11/30/15, 7:58 pm

An 18 year old victim reported that as he walked past 7 suspects on 3rd near Revere, one of them asked him for $10.00. When the victim stated that he had no money, the suspects attacked him from behind and punched him multiple times in the face and body. One of the suspects removed the victim’s cell phone from his pocket before they all ran from the scene. This incident is under investigation.  (SFPD Case No. 151040230)




11/24/15, 3:00 am, 1200 block Revere, residence, TV & playstation stolen (SFPD Case No. 151023979)

11/24/15, 5:30 pm, 2700 block Oakdale, commercial, chicken stolen (SFPD Case No. 151024745)

11/25/15, 12:30 am, 1600 block Evans, commercial, cash stolen (SFPD Case No. 151024303)

11/25/15, 2:30 am, 100 block Bayshore, commercial, laptop & safe stolen (SFPD Case No. 151024450)

11/26/15, 6:40 am, unit block Loomis, commercial, cash stolen (SFPD Case No. 151027727)

11/28/15, 8:00 pm, 200 block Bayshore, commercial, safe stolen (SFPD Case No. 151035413)

11/29/15, 1:40 am, 1400 block Egbert, commercial, attempt (SFPD Case No. 151035225)

11/29/15, 7:40 pm, 5200 block 3rd, commercial, keys stolen (SFPD Case No. 151035554)


Auto Burglaries:

11/23/15, 8:00 pm, 300 block Connecticut, text books stolen

11/23/15, 11:50 pm, Silliman / Somerset, charging dock & printer stolen

11/25/15, 9:00 pm, Felton / San Bruno, clothing stolen

11/25/15, 11:00 pm, 400 block Bayshore, cell phone stolen


Auto Theft:

11/24/15, 6:00 pm, 1000 block DeHaro, white Nissan Sentra

11/24/15, 10:00 pm, 100 block Girard, red Honda Accord

11/25/15, 1:00 pm, Williams / Lucy, white Toyota Celica

11/25/15, 6:00 pm, 200 block Hester, gold Honda Accord

11/25/15, 9:00 pm, Maddux/ Scotia, white Honda Accord

11/26/15, 5:13 am, unit block Mendell, white Chevy G20

11/26/15, 2:00 pm, Upton/Jerrold, green Honda Accord

11/26/15, 8:00 pm, Barneveld / Silver, black Acura TL-S

11/27/15, 2:00 pm, unit block Conkling, green Acura Integra

11/28/15, 7:00 pm, 800 block Bowdoin, red Honda Accord

11/28/15, 11:00 pm, Holyoke / Woolsey, green Ford F-10

11/29/15, 11:30 am, unit block Venus, black Acura Integra

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