November 13, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Firearm Arrest – unit block Cameron – 11/10/15, 6:20 pm:

Officers patrolling the Alice Griffith Housing Development on foot spotted a suspect who became visibly nervous on seeing them and turned to walk away. When the officer illuminated him with their flashlights, he ran to the nearest door, started yanking on the handle and yelling for the occupants to let him in. When nobody opened the door, the suspect began running away while holding onto his waistband, causing the officers to believe he was armed with a handgun. They gave chase and apprehended the suspect. A search of his person revealed a loaded .40 caliber semi automatic handgun in his waistband. The suspect, a convicted felon prohibited from possessing any weapons, was booked on multiple firearm offenses. (SFPD Case No. 150981530)

Auto Theft Arrest – 3rd / Quesada – 11/11/15, 2:46 pm:                                    Officers on patrol recognized a suspect driving, who they knew to be on active felony probation, driving a car beside them. They conducted a record check of the plate and determined that the vehicle had been reported as stolen. They stopped the car without incident and arrested the driver who was booked on auto theft and probation violation. (SFPD Case No. 150984170)

Robbery – 2400 block San Bruno – 11/11/15, 9:24 pm:

A 64 year old victim was getting money from an ATM when a suspect bumped her out of the way. He then began pushing buttons on the ATM while the victim’s card was still inside and she was not finished with her transaction. The victim, fearing for her safety, walked to her friend’s car and waited for the suspect to leave. Once he did so, the victim checked her account and realized that the suspect had withdrawn money from her account. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150984697)

Firearm Arrest – 1700 block LaSalle – 11/12/15, 7:15 pm:

Officers patrolling in the area saw a subject dart to a parked vehicle and get inside as soon as he saw the officers. The officers recognized the suspect as a probationer with a search condition and decided to approach the car. On doing so, they noticed two additional subjects inside. The suspect, a gang member known to carry firearms, quickly got out of the car and attempted to walk away before he was detained. The officers conducted a search of his person and the vehicle he had entered. They found a loaded 9mm handgun hidden under the center consul. All three subjects were arrested and booked on weapons violations. (SFPD Case No. 150987312)

Aggravated Assaults– Jennings / Wallace, Shafter / Keith – 11/12/15

There were two incidents involving victims being hit by paintball pellets while walking on the street. The first incident occurred at 2:30 pm in the area of Shafter and Keith involving one victim. The second incident occurred on Jennings and Wallace at 10:00 pm involving two victims. These incidents, which may be connected, are under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150987895, 150987920)


11/05/15, 4:00 pm, 1500 block Kirkwood, commercial, surveillance system stolen (SFPD Case No. 150987174)

Auto Burglaries:

11/11/15, 7:40 pm, 200 block Bayshore, laptop & tablet stolen

11/12/15, 7:40 pm, 400 block Bayshore, laptop & tablet stolen


Auto Theft:

11/09/15, 8:15 pm, Palou / Griffith, white Acura TL

11/10/15, 7:00 pm, Bacon / Oxford, red Chevy Blazer

11/11/15, 12:00 am, LaSalle / Newcomb, white Honda Accord