October 30, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Recovered Firearm – Ingalls / Wallace – 10/22/15, 10:30 am:                  Officers were tipped off about a parolee who was driving in the area while armed with a handgun. The suspect’s vehicle information was provided and the searching officers soon located the car. When they attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver took off at a high rate of speed. The officers pursued the car as it made its way to the Alice Griffith Housing Development. The suspect crashed into a planter box on the 1000 block of Fitzgerald and the suspect and his passenger both bailed out of the car and fled on foot. The officers located the loaded 9mm pistol on the floorboard of the abandoned vehicle. They searched the area for the suspects but were unable to locate them that day. Both suspects were known to the officers and arrests warrants in this case are pending.  (SFPD Case No. 150923140)

Firearm Arrest – 3rd / Galvez – 10/24/15, 12:20 am:

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and made contact with the driver. A record check revealed that he was on probation for weapons violations and had an active search condition. The officers conducted a search of the suspect and his vehicle. They located a loaded 9mm semiautomatic pistol in the car. The suspect was arrested and booked on multiple weapons and probation violation charges. (SFPD Case No. 150928560)

Stabbing – 200 block West Point – 10/24/15, 3:00 am:

A 38 year old male victim had gotten into an argument with the suspect, a family friend, after he found her drinking alcohol with uninvited guests in his house. The argument escalated and the suspect followed the victim into his bedroom and struck him in the head with a sharp object, causing a deep laceration. The suspect then fled the scene. The victim was treated for his injuries at St. Luke’s Hospital. The officers determined the suspect’s identity and an arrest warrant in this case is pending. (SFPD Case No. 150928861)

Narcotics Arrest– 900 block Connecticut – 10/24/15, 3:20 pm:

Officers patrolling in the Potrero Hill Housing Development spotted a suspect standing on the corner who they knew had an active stay away order from the area. The suspect, on seeing the officers, fled to a unit in the area. The officers knocked on the door of the unit and were greeted by the resident who they also knew from previous contacts. The resident was on active probation with a search condition. When the officers asked the resident id the suspect was inside his home, the resident replied that he did not know. The officers then conducted a probation search of the subjects unit. They not only located the suspect with the restraining order, but also seized two bags of methamphetamine, packaging material, and ammunition from the residence. The original suspect was arrested and booked. The resident was released at the scene pending further investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150930264)

Recovered Firearms – 1400 block Oakdale – 10/25/15, 5:00 pm:

Officers received a tip that a documented gang member who was on active probation was in possession of several firearms. They responded to the suspect’s home and conducted a probation search. They located a .38 special revolver, a 9mm handgun, and a loaded 40 caliber pistol in the suspect’s bedroom. The firearms were seized for evidence processing. The suspect was not at home at the time of the search. An arrest warrant in this case is pending.  (SFPD Case No. 150933393)

Firearm Arrest – unit block Gilroy – 10/25/15, 7:15 pm:

Officers responded to a call of an assault and located both victim and suspect. During the course of their investigation, they learned that the suspect was in possession of a handgun. They located the loaded .25 caliber pistol as well as ammunition inside the suspect’s closet. He was arrested for the assault as well as the weapons violations and was booked. (SFPD Case No. 150934040)

Burglary Arrest – 1100 block Shafter – 10/25/15, 7:45 pm:

Officers responded to a burglary in progress and located two employees of the warehouse in question holding a suspect down. They explained that they had caught the suspect inside the warehouse trying to pry a piece of metal from a machine. The suspect had been arrested burglarizing the same warehouse only a month earlier. The officers took custody of the suspect and found him to be in possession of burglary tools. They also located the area where the suspect had broken into the facility. He was arrested and booked on burglary and possession of burglary tools charges. (SFPD Case No. 150934056)

Robbery – 1000 block Silver – 10/26/15, 12:20 am:

A 50 year old victim was walking home when a suspect approached her and forcefully yanked her purse from her shoulder. The suspect then fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150934523)

Aggravated Assault – Waterville/ Augusta – 10/26/15, 8:00 pm:

A 52 year old victim was walking in the area when noticed a vehicle idling in the street. As he passed the car, he heard several shots and felt something hit him in the chest. Believing he had been shot, the victim ran to the nearest store and had the police summoned. The officers observed that the victim had not been hit by a bullet but had in fact been shot by a paintball. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150937458)

Firearm Arrest – Salinas / Exeter – 10/26/15, 9:51 pm:

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and placed the driver under arrest on discovering that her license was suspended. Both of her passengers lied about their identities and when the officers determined their true names, they learned that both were on court ordered probation with search conditions. A search of the car revealed a loaded 9mm handgun. All three suspects were arrested and booked on weapons offences and probation violation charges.  (SFPD Case No. 150937652)

Firearm Arrest – unit block Cameron – 10/29/15, 9:20 pm:

Officers responded to a call of shots fired and located multiple shell casings in the street and some damage to a building. While on scene, they observed a subject standing in a doorway while arguing with a woman. The suspect left and attempted to walk into the crime scene. He was detained and patted down for weapons. The officers located a loaded revolver on his person and placed him under arrest. In addition to the gun, the suspect also had crack cocaine and marijuana in his possession. The suspect, a convicted felon prohibited from possessing any weapons, was booked on weapons and narcotics charges.  (SFPD Case No. 150946879)


10/26/15, 7:00 pm, 2500 block San Bruno, residence, money and lobster stolen (SFPD Case No. 150938644)


Auto Burglaries:

10/24/15, 7:00 pm, Loomis / Oakdale, luggage stolen

10/24/15, 12:00 am, 2400 block San Bruno, bags& misc items stolen

10/24/15, 7:30 pm, 19th / Connecticut, clothing and jewelry stolen

10/24/15, 5:00 pm, 1900 block 22nd, GPS stolen

10/25/15, 1:30 pm, 300 block Williams, backpack stolen

10/25/15, 1:10 am, Thomas / Ingalls, attempt

10/25/15, 10:30 am, Donner / 3rd, stereo stolen

10/25/15, 9:00 am, 1100 block Shafter, power tools stolen

10/25/15, 9:00 am, Hawes / Shafter, passport stolen

10/26/15, 5:40 pm, 1000 block Mississippi, keys stolen

10/26/15, 10:30 pm, 2500 block Griffith, laptop stolen

10/27/15, 1:50 pm, 600 block University, backpack stolen

10/27/15, 4:00 pm, 600 block Amador, backpack stolen

10/27/15, 6:00 pm, Illinois / 23rd, laptop stolen


Auto Theft:

10/23/15, 8:00 pm, 100 block Connecticut, black Honda motorcycle

10/25/15, 7:00 pm, 2000 block Oakdale, black Nissan 200 SX

10/26/15, 12:30 pm, 2300 block San Bruno, green Volvo S60

10/27/15, 10:35 am, 1800 block 25th, tan Mazda Protégé


Bayview Station holds community meetings with the Captain on the first Tuesday of each month. Due to elections, November’s meeting will be held on the following Monday.

The next Community meeting will be at 6PM on  Monday, November 9th  

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