August 18, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Robbery – 25th / Connecticut – 8/14/15, 3:10 am:

A 47 year old victim told officers that he had been trying to hitch a ride home when a white vehicle pulled over. The victim approached the car as two suspects got out. One of the suspects put the victim in a bear hug while the other suspect stole his wallet from his pocket. The suspects then got back into their vehicle and drove off. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150708221)

Hot Prowl Burglary – 400 block Missouri – 8/14/15, 5:27 pm:

A victim was home when she heard the door to her in-law apartment open. Believing it was her boyfriend, the victim stayed put until her own door was opened. The victim looked up and saw the suspect in the doorway. She screamed and the suspect fled the home. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150708312)

Auto Theft Arrest – Ingalls / Fitzgerald – 8/14/15, 9:40 am:

Officer on patrol conducted a routine record check on a vehicle driving in the area and learned that the car had been reported as stolen. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested the driver without incident. He was booked on auto theft charges. (SFPD Case No. 150698597)

Dirt Bike Auto Theft Arrest – Ingalls / George – 8/14/15, 4:04 pm:

Officers spotted a subject getting on and starting a dirt motorbike with no license plate. They detained the subject before he could drive off and determined trough their investigation that the motorcycle had been reported as stolen. The suspect was placed under arrest and booked on auto theft charges. (SFPD Case No. 150709859)

Firearm Arrest – unit block Cameron – 8/14/15, 10:43 pm:

Officers spotted a group of subjects loitering in the area and recognized one of the suspects as a probationer with a search condition. Their investigation led them to the subject’s home nearby. A search of the residence revealed a loaded .40 caliber handgun with an obliterated serial number. The suspect was booked on weapons violations. (SFPD Case No. 150708845)

Burglary Tools Arrest – Minnesota / Mariposa – 8/14/15, 4:30 pm:

Officers responded to a call of a subject casing vehicles in the area and located him. The suspect was detained and investigated. A record check revealed that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was taken into custody. A search of his person revealed pliers, wire cutters, and broken spark plugs (commonly used to break windows in auto burglaries). He was booked on his warrant as well as possession of burglary tools charges. (SFPD Case No. 150710038)

Robbery Attempt – 100 block of Bacon – 8/14/15, 4:50 pm:

A suspect walked into a liquor store, demanding money while waving a knife at the cashier. The cashier produced a baton from behind the counter and successfully defended himself against the suspect. The suspect was knocked to the ground before getting up and fleeing the store. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150710022)

Auto Theft Arrest – 1400 Keith – 8/14/15, 1:50 am:

Officers stopped a car for a traffic violation and learned through their investigation that the vehicle had been reported as stolen. The driver was placed under arrest and booked on auto theft charges. (SFPD Case No. 150710652)

Firearm Arrest – Berry / 7th – 8/15/15, 2:30 am:

Bayview officers were able to obtain a search warrant for the person and residence of a subject after an investigation into his involvement with firearms violations. They detained the subject and conducted a search which revealed a loaded .40 caliber pistol and ammunition. The suspect was booked on weapons charges. (SFPD Case No. 150711274)

Auto Theft Arrest – Jamestown / Harney – 8/15/15, 5:00 am:

An officer driving a patrol car equipped with an automated plate reader was alerted to a parked vehicle that had been reported as stolen. The officers discovered the suspect asleep in the driver’s seat and placed him under arrest. The suspect was booked on auto theft charges. (SFPD Case No. 150711371)

Hot Prowl Burglary – 700 block Wisconsin – 8/16/15, 2:15 pm:

A victim parked his car in his driveway and went inside his home overnight without properly securing the garage door. During the night, his security surveillance camera captured two suspects going into the garage and removing two guitars, power tools, and a bicycle. The suspect fled south on Wisconsin. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150716105)

Robbery – 3rd / Quesada – 8/16/15, 3:00 pm:

A 22 year old victim was walking in the area when he saw a subject walking two pit bulls, one of which the suspect recognized as his own that he had lost. He approached the suspect and advised him that one of the dogs belonged to him and that he wanted it back at which point the suspect attacked him. The suspect punched the victim numerous times and suddenly, multiple other people jumped in as well and began striking the victim, while removing his property from his pockets. The suspect with the dogs then ordered the other dog to attack the victim. The dog bit the victim several times before all the suspects fled the area. He was treated for his injuries at SFGH. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150715602)

Shooting – 3rd / LaSalle – 8/17/15, 12:31 pm:

Officers responded to a report of a shooting and located a 37 year old male victim at the scene who had suffered a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to SFGH where he was treated for his injuries. The officers secured the crime scene, preserved all evidence, and collected witness statements. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150716309)


8/15/15, 10:00 am – 11:00 am, 1800 block Oakdale, apartment, necklace and money stolen (SFPD Case No. 150714842)

8/16/15, 10:00 am – 6:15 pm, 300 block Bridgeview, residence, purse stolen (SFPD Case No. 150715759)


Auto Burglaries:

8/14/15, 2:30 pm, 500 block Indiana, laptop and money stolen

8/16/15, 6:15 am, 600 block Gilman, tablet & gun stolen


Auto Theft:

8/13/15, 5:00 am – 11:00 pm, Evans / Keith, maroon Chevy Astro

8/13/15, 2:00 pm – 11:00 am, 1900 block Innes, red Ford Mustang

8/14/15, 4:30 pm – 9:45 am, Mansell / Dartmouth, red Honda Accord

8/16/15, 7:00 pm – 7:00 am, Catalina / Middlepoint, white Cadillac Seville

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