April 20, 2015 Bayview Newsletter

Hot Prowl Burglary Attempt:

On April 10th at 6:40 am, a resident of the 2200 block of 18th St. was in his house when he heard the door bell ring several times. He went to answer the door but found that nobody was there. He went outside and looked up and down the street but did not see anyone. Puzzled, he went back into his residence. In passing his bathroom, the victim caught a suspect climbing halfway through the bathroom window. The victim yelled out at which point the suspect pushed himself back out of the window and fled the scene. Crime Scene Investigations responded to process the scene for any possible evidence left behind by the suspect. (SFPD Case No. 150334343)

Aggravated Assault Arrest:

On April 17th at 8:15 am, a 34 year old victim was entering a gated storage facility on the 1700 block of Egbert when he was approached by a suspect who asked him for entry onto the premises. The victim refused, stating that without authorized access, the suspect would have to wait for the business to open. The victim proceeded to go inside when he observed another vehicle drive in after him. He then saw the suspect get into a car and piggy back the vehicle entering through the gate. The victim stated that he stood in front of the suspect’s vehicle to prevent him from entering. The suspect yelled at the victim to move out of the way and when he refused, the suspects struck him with the car. The force caused the victim to land on the hood of the vehicle before rolling off onto the ground. The victim yelled to the suspect that he was calling the police, at which point the suspect drove from the scene. Thankfully the victim was not injured. As the responding officers conducted their interview with the victim and witness, the suspect vehicle drove past the scene. The car was positively identified along with the suspect inside. The officers stopped the vehicle and placed the suspect under arrest. He was booked on aggravated assault charges at Bayview Station. (SFPD Case No. 150334575)

Armed Robbery:

On April 17th at 9:00 pm, a 36 year old victim was robbed at 3rd and Palou. He reported the incident two days later at Bayview Station. The victim stated that he had been standing at the bus stop when he was approached by two suspects. One of the suspects pointed a handgun at the victim and ordered him to surrender his property. Fearing for his life, the victim handed his wallet over. Both suspects fled on foot. This incident is under investigation. (SFPD Case No. 150341451)

Firearm Arrest:

On April 19th at 12:50 pm, officers responded to a call of an altercation at a residence on the 1000 block of Griffith. During their investigation, it was determined that one of the parties involved had threatened the other with a rifle. The aggressor in the incident was arrested and a search of the residence revealed a rifle underneath a living room couch. The officers also located ammunition and a bullet proof vest along with multiple marijuana plants in various stages of growth. The suspect, a convicted felon prohibited from possessing weapons or body armor, was booked on multiple charges stemming from the original assault as well as weapons and narcotics offences at Bayview Station. (SFPD Case No. 150341774)


4/15/15, 4:30 pm – 7:30 am, 1000 block Tennessee, school, attempt (SFPD Case No. 150334484)

4/17/15, 11:50 pm, 2100 block 18th, house, attempt (SFPD Case No. 150337278)

4/18/15, 8:20 pm, 400 block Mansell, school, items stolen to be determined (SFPD Case No. 150340130)


Auto Burglaries:

04/17/15, 4:40 pm – 5:15 pm, 1600 block Oakdale, backpack stolen

04/17/15, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Patterson/Oakdale, iPad and misc items stolen

04/17/15, 9:55 pm – 10:20 pm, 3rd / Channel, iPod & speakers stolen

04/18/15, 7:00 pm – 10:00 am, 300 block Tocoloma, FastTrak stolen

04/18/15, 11:30 pm – 12:00 am, Texas / 17th, camera & laptop stolen


Auto Theft:

4/18/15, 7:00 pm – 10:00 am, 300 block of Tocoloma, silver Honda Civic

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